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6 Basic Food Photography Tips

You do not need to be a professional photographer or own a DSLR for food photography. Who doesn’t want to capture the best photos of the mouthwatering dishes that we eat? It doesn’t matter if it’s of outside food or the food made at home. All of us, foodies at some point in our lives have been heartbroken for not being able to capture the photos of the visually appeasing dishes. Therefore, we bring to you some food photography tips that will help all of the food lovers out there to capture better food photos.With the astonishing rate at which the social media presence is increasing, love for food is something that people like to share with the world. Are you all cooped up at your homes making all the drool-worthy food but weren’t able to share your proud creations with others? Here are a few tips that might help you in clicking better food photos!    

Why Food Photography?

Food photography is one of the most important skills that not only the photographers but it is also important for food bloggers, social media influencers, small scale businesses and also a lot of other people as well. The small scale food business owners can also promote their products by themselves online without investing money on professionals. Restaurants need good photos of their food which they can use for marketing. For instance, if you are into any food related business you need to have some basic idea on food photography.

Food Photography Tips

1. The Goal is to Start

‘Good photography can only be done if you have costly cameras or some fancy equipment.’ This is not at all true! Your goal here you should be first start doing. You can capture good food photos from your phone. Don’t invest right away into things. Work with what you have and get in the zone.

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2. Find the Right Lighting

Lighting is the key thing while clicking good photos. Experts suggest using more natural lights while capturing food photos. If you are capturing homemade food, look for the corners or spaces which have a good source of lighting.

Food Photography| Right Lighting
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3. Try Out Different Angles

When it comes to food there is no predefined angle from which you can capture a perfect image. You should try out on clicking the food photos from a different set of angles and then choose the ones which work out the best. Additionally the angles depend on the type of food you are capturing. If you are capturing a dish whose surface is flat then you should try taking the photo from the side, if you want to focus on the beautiful toppings of a dish then take the photo from top. In conclusion, it all depends on what aspect of the dish you want to focus on.

Food Photography| Angles
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4. Keep Practicing and Experimenting

As it is impossible to learn a skill within a day or two. Food Photography is something that can only be improved over time by practicing and experimenting. Don’t forget to be creative but also be careful that you don’t over complicate things. You can try out different applications for editing like Lightroom

5. Hold your Camera Steadier

While clicking the food photos make sure that you are clicking them with steady hands. Try avoiding blurry pictures. The food quality gets judged by how good its photos look. People like clear food photos. Keep steady hands while clicking the photos. Additionally make sure that whatever platform you are uploading the photos on the quality is not getting compromised. 

Food Photography| Steady Images
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6. Avoid Hodgepodge

Remember simplicity is the key here. You keep things simple. Your focus should be on clicking the best possible photos of food. The ambiance, spoons or napkins are not that important if they are actually diverting the viewers from the food. In addition, all you need to be is creative with the photos and make food the unquestionable hero in your photos.

We hope these 6 tips help you in clicking better pictures of food. Now go ahead and click those breathtaking photos of all the indulging food you make and eat. Share your photos with us on Instagram using #hungrito.

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