We are all just looking for reasons to grab on to that scoop of our favorite dessert and indulge in the puddle of joy. Yes, we are talking about the dessert for which we can all scream for Ice Cream. On some days all we need something fruity and fresh which will refresh our taste-buds and satisfy our sweet tooth. When it comes to fruit-flavored ice creams we think that they are a bit underrated. It is time that we start appreciating the freshness they bring and how great these fruit flavors are! Here are some of the amazing fruit-flavored ice creams in Ahmedabad and where to try them from!

Fruit Flavored Ice Creams in Ahmedabad

1. Orange Ice Cream

You may have had orange candy but have you tried the orange ice cream yet? You really should get it on this amazing fruity ice cream flavor. The citrus-filled taste of orange gives a perfect balance to the sweetness of ice cream.

Fruit Flavored Ice Creams in Ahmedabad| Orange Ice Cream

Try it from Classic Derani Jethani Ice Cream.

2. Fruit Fantasy Sundae

Sundaes are life. Having different flavors in a big bowl with chunks of other good stuff can improve your brain at any given time of the day. This fruit fantasy is a dream sundae for all the ice cream lovers who also like to enjoy fresh fruits.

Fruit Flavored Ice Creams| Fruit Fantasy Sundae

Try it from Giani Ice Cream.

3. Chatpata Guava

This ice cream flavor is gonna take your tastebuds on a roller-coaster. It is packed with sweet, tangy, sour flavors that will leave you wanting more after one single bite. It is just too irresistible!

Fruit Flavored Ice Creams in Ahmedabad| Chilli Guava
Source: Instagram (foodntraveljournal)

Try it from Desserts n’ Shakes.

4. Sitaphal Ice Cream

This is a seasonal variety of ice cream which has a subtle yet satisfying flavor. We suggest you enjoy it in a wafer cone which will further enhance its fresh taste. It is the sweetness and the rich aroma that draws us towards this flavor. If you enjoy eating sitaphal out of the fridge then you should try out this ice cream flavor!

Fruit Flavored Ice Creams| Sitaphal Ice Cream

Try it from Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle, Naturals Ice Cream.

5. Charcoal Lychee

Have you tried this amazing charcoal-infused lychee flavor of ice cream? If not then you need to get in on this fruit-flavored fusion ice cream. It is sour and sweet and everything nice. Additionally, you can also go ahead and try their lychee berry flavored ice cream as well. Lychee berry is packed with blue berry cheesecake and charcoal lychee ice cream.

Fruit Flavored Ice Creams| Charcoal Lychee
Source: Instagram (chulla_from_ash)

Try it from Huber and Holly.

6. Strawberry Gelato

Strawberry Gelato is a fresh luscious full of chunks of strawberry. It is heaven in a scoop. When in doubt a scoop of strawberry gelato can never go wrong!

Fruit Flavored Ice Creams| Watermelon Wonder Sorbet
Source: Instagram (crunchygourmet)

Try it fromMeltIn

7. Watermelon Wonder Sorbet

This is a seasonal variety of ice cream available during the summers. If you enjoy a chilled watermelon during the summers then you will instantly fall in love with this amazing watermelon sorbet.

Fruit Flavored Ice Creams| Watermelon Wonder Sorbet

Try it fromApsara Ice Cream. When you can’t decide and are confused between fruits and ice cream then choose fruit ice creams. Which one of these ice creams you fancy to indulge in is all up to you now!  

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