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Restaurants in Mussoorie| Emily's Rokeby Manor
Chintan Thakkar
The Grand Thakar, Ahmedabad

The Grand Thakar, Ahmedabad - A Place For Gujarati Retreat

Being a Gujarati I don’t really like to spend on Gujarati food. Over the years a lot of different restaurants have come with different Gujarati thalis at varying prices. I was not entirely satisfied with most of them. The reason for my dissatisfaction is simple. It is Gujarati food and it shouldn’t have the North […]

Paired Best With A Bed And A Laptop - Momoman

What better way to spend the weekend other than by just lying on the bed eating a huge hot bowl of noodles and watching movies on the laptop. Momoman is one such place which serves great comfort food. I have been to this place more than I can count and most of the times I […]

Cafe Baraco, Ahmedabad: The Chic Hub For Ahmedabad's Youngsters

A number of people have recommended this place to me. Many of my friends have visited this cafe and surprisingly all of them had a very satisfactory experience. Now to be honest when I hear too many good things about a place I get a bit skeptical. I wasn’t really sure about this cafe as […]

Baharwala Ghar Ka Khana – ANNKUT, Ahmedabad

Gujarati cuisine is as simple as it gets. Most Gujarati outlets have added too much to their Thali making it more complex and confusing. I have seen almost everything in a Gujarati Thali, it ranges from a simple rajma to apple jalebis. Thankfully Annakut Ahmedabad was just pure simple Gujarati food. I really loved the […]
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The Quick Fix To Your Hunger : Choice Snack Bar, C.G. Road

I have been going to Choice Snack Bar since I was a kid, I remember it very differently and I am glad it has changed with time but has somehow managed to keep its essence. One day I met my friends we were starving and we were glad we all bumped into Choice for our […]
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A Solution To A Lot Of Your Confusion | Varietea, Maninagar

I Recently visited the Maninagar branch of VarieTea and I must say it was impressive. VarieTea isn't exactly economical but the things it has to offer justifies its price range. This place is your answer to questions like 'Kyabesi su', 'Mane bau bhukh nathi' and 'Kaik navu khau che'. Thinking how it'd do that, let us […]

Classy and dynamic – The Golden Plate

TUMMY MAN RATING: 8.2/10 I and my family were actively involved in the recent wedding season. Fed up with the constant supply of cliché dishes we needed to have something different. After a prolonged discussion and an extensive Zomato search we settled on the Golden Plate. It turned out to be a great pick as […]
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