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The Quick Fix To Your Hunger : Choice Snack Bar, C.G. Road

I have been going to Choice Snack Bar since I was a kid, I remember it very differently and I am glad it has changed with time but has somehow managed to keep its essence. One day I met my friends we were starving and we were glad we all bumped into Choice for our dinner.

The Place

I was really happy to see the bright interior. It was very lively but at the same time, it was very noisy. I was surprised that there was no chaos. It was perfect for quick meals but if you want to just hangout you might want to avoid it in the evening.

The Food

All of us were exhausted and we were starving. We were looking for a place which served quick and good food. The menu had a lot of options but there was nothing extraordinary on it. We decided to stick to a few standard items, so we ordered a Chole Kulcha, Schezwan Rice, Italian Pizza, 3 in one juice and French Fries.I was really happy with the time they took to serve us the food. It was very quick. However, I would have loved it if the Chole Khulcha were served a bit hotter.

1. Italian Pizza

Now one of us specifically asked baked cheese and we got exactly that. The pizza was good but it has lost its original tangy taste. I remember this pizza to be crunchier and a bit on a sweeter side. However, the pizza was good and a lot of you may not agree with my view on the pizza.

2. Chole Kulcha

This was the first dish to arrive at the table. This dish looked like an ordinary plate of chole kulcha and it also tasted ordinary. Having said that, the taste wasn’t bad but there was nothing different about it. I would just say it was an ordinary plate of chole kulcha with two slices of onions and one chilli.

choice snack bar
Source: Chintan Thakkar

3. Schezwan Rice

A friend of mine loves this dish and I exactly know why. This rice was not too spicy, unlike the street Chinese food we usually eat. It was the best of all the things we ordered and we were really happy with the quantity the served. If you are a spicy Chinese type of person you will not like this.

Choice snack bar
Source: Chintan Thakkar

4. French Fries

As simple as it is, French fries are different everywhere. I was really happy with ones we got at the choices. The fries were short and thick, unlike the fries we usually get. There was a generous amount of chat masala which made it even better. The quantity was not that fair but the taste made up for it. Along with the fries, we were given two small plastic bowls for ketchup and I really loved it. I know it a very small thing but it made a huge difference. When you see these plastic bowls you know you are in Choice.

5. 3 IN ONE Juice

I didn’t taste the juice but one us who ordered it had no complaints about it. I was again not that impressed by the quantity but it was ok.

The Exit

The food served was good but not up to the mark. The entire meal cost us all 545 bucks which might seem cheap. However considering the quantity, taste and the service it was not exactly economic. Again I was really impressed with the speed with which we sat down, ate and left.To conclude I would say if you are starving or need to make a quick stop to eat choice snack bar is definitely a good option but otherwise, I would seek a few more options before going in.I WILL BE BACK WITH MORE, HAPPY EATING!Chintan Thakkar aka the tummy man is a bigtime foodie, you can follow his food discoveries here:Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.