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Pruthvi Panchal
South Indian food dishes

Bet You Didn't Know All Of These Idli Facts & Trivia!

Are you a fan of fluffy, warm & delicious idlis? So simple yet so perfect! Idli is a food with no boundaries, you can have any time of the day, also you don't even need sambhar every time you can just enjoy it with your favourite chatni. Also, you can recreate so many different varieties and kinds […]
Gifts For People Who Love Pizza

12 Gifts For People Who Love Pizza More Than They Love You

Any pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough. 1. A shirt that shamelessly declares their love of the ultimate food to the entire damn world. Buy it, here.                                                 […]

Best Mouth-Watering Pizza in Ahmedabad

Pizza Pyaar Hai, Haina? It is said that for Amdavadis, pizza means more than food. We definitely agree that it is an emotion and a state of mind. Pizza is loved in every shape and flavor. Where do you get the best pizza in Ahmedabad? Arey ruko, hum karte kuch prabandh. We are here with […]
gol gappe

15 Signs That Show Pani Puri Is Your Ultimate Bae

Teekha, Medium ya Meetha? It goes by many names such as Pani Puri, Golgappa, Pakodi, Puchka, Paani Ke Patashe, water balls and much more....But what remains constant is its special place in the hearts of people everywhere around the globe. So open that Big mouth of yours and enjoy this sphere of happiness.... 1. No matter […]
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