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Hola! I’m Shweta Lakhwani, generation Y, originally from Jakarta, Indonesia and currently based in Ahmedabad, India. An amateur photographer, blogger and artisan as well a gypsy soul and an adventure freak. Travel Planner by profession since 6 years and Foodie since eternity. Currently exploring every nooks and corners of India because exotic cuisine and breathtaking views are the reasons why traveling and food simply go hand in hand.
Homebakers In Ahmedabad

7 Home Bakers Turned Professionals In Ahmedabad – Part 2

7 Baking doesn't get old no matter in which era we live. We speak one language through this hobby! The transformation from simple vanilla...
Doughnuts and Flavored Coffee

Doughnuts And Flavored Coffee At Java +, Courtyard Marriott

It's been 3 months and counting since Dunkin' Donuts 3 outlets have been closed down in Ahmedabad. Breakup Party Eclair Donut / Cookie Cart Wheel...
Millhouse, Ahmedabad

A Must-Visit Burger Festival At Millhouse, Ahmedabad

Millhouse of Ahmedabad has gained among all ages in short time. One of my favorite restaurant from past 8 months, literally I have begun...

Amazing Food Festivals, Offers & New Menu In Ahmedabad

As I have come across another amazing Food fest, offers & new menu in Ahmedabad which I think going to be excellent news for...
Instant Noodles

Noodles – The Perfect Curvy Life

We all have a special relationship with noodles. It’s no secret many Asian people love eating noodles more than anything else, especially when you...
Food Festivals In Ahmedabad

11 Current And Upcoming Food Festivals In Ahmedabad

A good news for all the big time foodies! As there are many upcoming and currently going on food festivals in Ahmedabad, I thought...

Veganism – A Way To Promote More Humane & Caring World

Hello foodies, so after a long break, I'm back again with a different topic. Maybe only a few of you might be aware of...

10 Long Lost Forgotten Restaurants of Ahmedabad

Not an ages before but 7-8yrs down the line when Ahmedabad, not yet home to new, fancy and extremely cool restaurants. Nowadays there are...
Home Bakers In Ahmedabad

6 Home Bakers Turned As Professionals In Ahmedabad

Few hobbies relax the mind and soothe the hungry soul in quite the way that baking does. Baking has been one of my ideal...
Mother's Day

Celebrate This Mother’s Day With These Lavish Food Experiences

It's Mother's day tomorrow! A celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society....