Sometimes I wonder, being a foodie is so tough! Every time we wish to visit a different place as we have endless options at our end. And now the weekend has already come but as the summer has started so most of us end up sitting at home, ordering food and having it while watching the movies. But sometimes, some unplanned meets with friends also make up our weekend interesting. So here I have some places for catching up with friends and have delicious dinner with them. Best Dishes In Ahmedabad – Part 17 includes a variety of dishes including a light meal to a complete heavy meal and yes, how can the dessert be forgotten? So include these places on your bucket list and do write to us for the same. Happy Weekend!

Best Dishes In Ahmedabad – Part 17

1. Paneer Schewzan Sandwich, Shakti – The Sandwich Shop

2. Black Forest Pastry, Dangee Dums

3. Paneer Butter Masala With Rice, Curries

Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 17

Source: @nimai7

4. Thin Crust Pizza, Spezia Bistro & Grill House

5. Chocolate Cupcake, Buttercupp

6. Punjabi Thali, Stuff’s Food

7. Jalebi With Milk, Bikanerwala

Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 17

Source: @ca.saurabh

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