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6 Exciting Pizzas In Ahmedabad That You Need To Try

Life is not about finding yourself. It’s about finding some really, really good pizzas. As we all know there are various joints serving different types of pizzas in Ahmedabad. Ever got confused regarding which pizza to eat in order to fulfil your pizza cravings?

Then don’t worry! Here I’m listing some of my top favourite pizza spots which you shouldn’t miss out on being in Ahmedabad.

1. Capriciosa Pizza- The Cafe Baraco, Navrangpura

My first and favourite pizza place in Ahmedabad. It actually is pretty good and the place too. This pizza place easily had the best crust, crunchy and with great flavour.
pizzas in ahmedabad
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I usually stick to more cheesy pizza but here I treated my taste buds to a spicy pizza, which was amazing.  I Could really taste the quality in the ingredients.

2. Pepperoni Pizza -The Blue Oven, Vastrapur

Here we go Pepperoni and loads of it!!! This had a massive hype before I went there. I had seen this name knocking around in most of the blogs & food pages I had read and my friend who visited it, going crazy about this place, name this as his favourite.

pizzas in ahmedabad
Source: @the.calliope
The pepperoni is the best part of the pizza. It is crisp, slightly burned and so so greasy. Some people may turn their noses up at this, but this is really yummy. The other pizzas weren’t as tasty as this one. Overall very nice and needed a lie down after this slice.

3. Chilli Garlic Pizza- Ek One Uno, Vijay Cross Road

Okay! So many of you wouldn’t be aware of this place because it’s really tiny and one hidden treasure of the city. Although they take half an hour to serve you hot pizzas. Yes! Exactly. Really patient enough which indeed brings them excellent results. Poor service was compensated with the extra-extra-extraordinary pizza. Tooooo different! Homemade pizza crusts and sauces that make it unique.

pizzas in ahmedabad
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Also, this name, “Ek One Uno” would really fascinate and attract anyone to discover how and what this place is all about. Do try their Chilli Garlic Pizza. Personal recommendation to not miss this beauty at all.

4. Chicken Pizza- Tinello Hyatt, Ashram Rd.

pizzas in ahmedabad
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Chickeeeennn- yes as good as it sounds! A crispy slightly burned base, chewy flavorful crust, soft chewy cheese and tomato mosaic spicy roasted chicken combination. I could have eaten a whole large one of these. It’s a shame I couldn’t even think to get the pizza just as I like and wasn’t saving space in my belly for the rest of the day.

5. Havmor1944- Sindhu Bhawan Road.

Someone truly said
“Pizza is not a trend. It’s a way of life!”
tasty baked food dishes| Havmor
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My another favourite pizza place in Ahmedabad. My selection of pizza was rightly made and it is all high quality. The pizza is good, but the location is better. Highly sophisticated & rich. Loved the kind of service given, they treat guests like their Gods.

6. Bon Fire, HL Road.

Though it’s a street pizza spot, it gets us the most flavoursome pizza. One thing I love about it is that they melted stretchy and chewy mozzarella and it was greasy. Olive oil on it added more to the deliciousness.It was cooked in a typical wood fire cave.

Delicious baked food items| Bon fire
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 Thank you for satisfying my pizza craving rightly. There’s so much more to add up to our happy days with such pizzas in Ahmedabad. Hope you guys enjoy too. 🙂
Nidhi Vyas is a model and big time foodie known as @thecalliope. You can follow her on Instagram using this link: @the.calliope

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