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October 26, 2021

Top 6 Places For Thick Shakes In Ahmedabad

How is a thick shake prepared? It is prepared with dollops of chocolate and cream, infused with…

The Shake Maker
March 19, 2018

The Shake Maker – A Heaven For All The Shake Lovers

I can’t deny the fact that Milkshakes hold a special place in my heart and more special…

Milkshakes In Ahmedabad
February 23, 2018

Best Places For Shakes In Ahmedabad

Milkshake is the love of summer. The mixture of sweetness, milk, cream and lots of healthiness is…

Best Freak Shakes In Ahmedabad
September 25, 2017

The Best Freak Shakes In Ahmedabad To Look Out For

There was a time when milkshakes were only flavoured milk with minimal toppings, but now they are…