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Ravina Rewani
A social media addict found drooling over food pictures. Social media marketing strategist, sharing her wealth of knowledge on food in Gujarat.

7 Places Serving Best Pav Bhaji in Ahmedabad

Pav Bhaji is doubtlessly the most loved street food in India. Probably the only food that not only tastes good but also smells amazing. You can have pav-bhaji every day and still crave for it every time you cross a pav-bhaji stall. From the pav to the spicy and authentic gravy, Pav Bhaji is just […]
Best Gujarati Thalis in Ahmedabad | Hungrito

10 Best Places To Have Authentic Gujarati Thali In Ahmedabad

Gujarati Thali is a wholesome treat! It is the perfect meal option for a Sunday morning meal with the whole family. Here we have curated a list of the 10 Best Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad. Get authentic flavors, traditional dishes, and a variety of fragrant spices, all in one Thali.  Dal, Kadhi, Shaak, Bakhri, Roti, […]

7 Amazing Maggi Spots In Ahmedabad

Remember those days when you were alone at home and got hungry while the only food you knew how to cook was Maggi, so you would rush to the kitchen and start cooking Maggi. Though their tagline says "2 Min Noodles" yet I've never been successful to cook Maggi in 2 minutes. Nevertheless, it's worth enough to wait for […]
Types Of Foodies

Out Of 7 Types Of Foodies, In Which Category Do You Fall?

For most of us, food is the most important thing and it is also necessary to know in which category do you fall among all types of foodies, isn't it? Some of you might fall in almost every category of the foodies because for them, food is the only major thing in their life. There […]

10 Ultimate Dishes Of Manekchowk Ahmedabad You Should Try

Imagine this scenario - It’s 12 at night and you are suddenly craving some spicy, masaledar food. What’s the first place that strikes your mind? We will give you a hint - It is the best place to have local cuisines in Ahmedabad? Yes! Manekchowk it is. Manekchowk is the Gem of Ahmedabad. From the […]
Cafes Near Prahladnagar That Are Worth Visiting – Part 1

Cafes Near Prahladnagar That Are Worth Visiting – Part 1

Amdavadi's and their love for food is just beyond measure. We have always been food enthusiasts and open to all varieties of food from South Indian, Punjabi, Gujarati to different Fusions. We always crave for something best and new every time we visit a cafe or restaurant and so here I bring to you the […]
Best Restaurants Near Vastrapur: Part 1

Restaurants Near Vastrapur That Are Worth Visiting – Part 1

Which is that one place in Ahmedabad where you can get a Mall, Lake, Garden, Amazing Restaurants, Cafes, Best Hospitals and a Posh Residency all together? It isn't hard to guess, is it? Well, if you guessed *Vastrapur*, Congratulations to you. And if you couldn't, you aren't a true Amdavadi. Vastrapur has been a go-to place for […]
Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 18

Best Dishes In Ahmedabad That You Must Try: Part 18

Food is the one thing that connects Hungrito with you Foodies, and we are glad to help you with amazing food dishes around Ahmedabad. There are so many varieties of food to choose from, and every week there is some new cafe opening up. Isn't that too stressful to decide on what and where to […]

Cafes Near Bodakdev That Are Worth Visiting | Part-1

Ahmedabad has always been a Food Hub with lots of varieties ranging from Gujarati Farsan's to the Fancy Food. And we as foodies, always get confused on what to eat and where to eat. So most of the times we end up going to the same old places and have the same old dishes. Does […]
Best Ways To Drool Over Potato!

Best Ways To Drool Over Potato!

Potato is the most selfless vegetable and the most loved one too. Would you disagree with this? I'm a big Potato Fan. I can have potatoes in almost everything and in whatsoever way possible. Boiled, fried or blanched potatoes do wonders in every form. And can you resist those crispy potato chips? I bet not. […]
Queso Y Cafe, Navrangpura

The #HungritoFM5 At Queso Y Cafe, Navrangpura

Queso Y Cafe, a newly opened cafe near HL road is a one-stop destination for the people who love to have different cuisines and wish to have them all in one place. Queso means Cheese in Spanish, so the menu has great varieties of cheesy dishes. This cafe is located at Ahmedabad’s one of the […]
The Shake Maker

The Shake Maker - A Heaven For All The Shake Lovers

I can't deny the fact that Milkshakes hold a special place in my heart and more special place in my stomach. I'm never too full to have milkshakes, there is always some space and love left for them. And whenever I crave for shakes, I find myself in The Shake Maker outlet. This place is […]
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