The Shake Maker

The Shake Maker – A Heaven For All The Shake Lovers

I can’t deny the fact that Milkshakes hold a special place in my heart and more special place in my stomach. I’m never too full to have milkshakes, there is always some space and love left for them. And whenever I crave for shakes, I find myself in The Shake Maker outlet. This place is no less than a heaven for all shake lovers, their shakes are so thick that they actually give you a spoon along with their shakes. The Shake Maker’s shakes are not limited to just chocolate base but they also have Fruit and Dryfruit bases as well.

1. Browtella

The Shake Maker
Source: Prerna Gosai

2. Chocolate Chips Shake

Source: Hungrito

3. Mud Shake

Source: Ismail Lakhani

4. Fruit Mania

Source: la_food_house

5. Dark Hazelnut

Source: the.calliope

6. Blueberry Shake

Source: _megha_6199

7. KitKat Shake

Source: _megha_6199

8. Strawberry fresh Shake

Source: theshakemaker

The Shake Maker has taken my love for shakes to another level. If you haven’t yet been to The Shake Maker, Ahmedabad till now, then you must visit it very soon and try their amazing thick shakes.To know more about this awesome city and the life of Hungrito in the city follow us on FacebookInstagram.

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