Milkshakes In Ahmedabad

Best Places For Shakes In Ahmedabad

Milkshake is the love of summer. The mixture of sweetness, milk, cream and lots of healthiness is always on the top of my list mostly when it’s summertime. You would be happy to know about the different places for milkshakes in Ahmedabad. It will definitely help you to make up your checklist longer with a range of unique varieties. The glass full of chocolate flavor along with choco chips, strawberry shake with its pieces, KitKat shake with a chunk of KitKat, a shake with brownie and cream, kaju and anjeer shake, will surely help you to drool over them for summers.

1. The Shake Maker

Tasty beverages for summer
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The Shake maker is an amazing place with ample seating options on the ground floor and first floor. This cute food place is situated on C.G road. If you are someone who is fond of chocolaty things then this is a must visit place for you. It serves awesome and delicious thick shakes. Shake maker is popular for its exciting menu and purity of ingredients used in their shakes. However, your taste buds will love tasting from their awesome varieties of delicious beverages!Must-try Shakes – Oreo Shake, Mud Shake, Brownie Shake, Royal Dry Fruit Shake, Almond Carnival

2. Mocha

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Are you someone who is a foodie newton? One who loves trying out or tasting new food items? If yes, then visit this elegant cafe, Mocha! Mocha is a beautiful cafe serving varieties of shakes along with other delicacies. They are well known for their excellent, supportive, and decent staff members. The food joint has a nice and soothing ambience creating a lovely vibe altogether. You’ll be happy to be at this place again for the decadent shakes!Must-try Shakes – Blueberry Brain Freezer Shake, Snickers Bar Shake, Toblerone Shake, Fresh Fruit Shake, Strawberry Cheesecake Shake

3. Santushti Shakes

Milkshakes In Ahmedabad
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Santushti shakes offers interesting and distinctive varieties of delightful shakes. Where you’ll fall in love with their chocolate thick shakes, fruit thick shakes, and nut thick shakes! Aren’t you already droolingggg!? Along with shakes, the spread also serves various ice-creams and tasteful faloodas! Trust us, your taste buds will go on a ride after tasting these wonderful beverages. It is also popular for the thickness of their shakes.Must-try Shakes – Rajwadi Delight Shake, Cadbury Silk Shake, Roasted Almond Shake, Choco Dip Shake, Munch Mania Shake

4. Unlocked

You should definitely visit Unlocked to unlock all your sweet cravings! 😛 Unlocked Cafe is a fundoo place consisting of amazing ambience and beautiful interiors. This food place believes in serving everything awesome and attracts more people due to it. You can hangout with your friend in the evening while enjoying your favorite yummy shake! Lovely ambience, kitkat thick shake or a classic cold coffee will impress you anydayyy!Must-try Shakes – Chocolate Biscuits and Marshmallow Freak Shake, Belgium Chocolate Thick Shake, Oreo Cookie Shake

5. Cheers

Milkshakes In Ahmedabad

Three cheers to all the sweet fans who are in love with thick and creamy shakes just like us! 🎊 The shakes at Cheers are absolutely delightful and satisfying. The creamy thick shakes are nothing less than heaven for your taste buds. Love drinking a cheesecake? Umm, stunned with this no? But you’ll be more surprised after trying the Blueberry Cheesecake Shake from cheers! Full of flavors and extremely delighttttful! Along with the tasty shakes, the joint also offers luscious falooda, slush, lassi, coffee, ice-cream, and fruit juices!Must-try Shakes – Butter Scotch Crunchy Shake, Rose Shake, Rose Gulkand Shake, Vanilla Shake, Kesar Elaichi Shake

6. Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle

Milkshakes In Ahmedabad
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Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle happens to be a cool and fun place. Their service is prompt where the staff members are cooperative and kind. Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle is also popular for not using any artificial flavors in their delights. They have their own unique flavors created by them. The spread serve great shakes which are perfect for all your sweet cravings. Not only shakes, but pabrai’s offer exotic, flavorful, and interesting ice-cream flavors too!Must-try Shakes – Banana Caramel, Coffee Shake, Caramel Shake, Anjeer Shake, Vanilla ShakeSo what are you waiting for? Summer is already up, so go and grab these yumilicious milkshakes in Ahmedabad. And tell us which super amazing shake is your favourite too!

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