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Funny Pizza Puns

Hey dear food lovers or rather pizza lovers, Don’t you think that food and some humour goes hand in hand? It is an amazing packaged deal tho just like a packaged box of the delightful pizza. Isn’t it? Also, how about a fun wordplay of our most favorite food – Pizza? Yes, if you are someone who is firmly obsessed with puns than you knead-to-know these funny pizza puns for sure!Also, dear beautiful people – don’t forget to wear your mask and remember to only remove it when you wanna have a slice of the appetizing pizzaaaa! Now let’s ride together in the list of these amazing puns.

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1. You’ll Always Have a Pizza My Heart.

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2. Wanna Hear A Joke About Pizza? Nah, It’s Too Cheesy.

3. What Kind Of Person Doesn’t Like Pizza? A Wierdough!

4. I “a-dough” You!

5. Get Out There And Cheese The Day.

6. Sorry To Say, This Isn’t Going To Get Any Cheesier.

7. What Is A Pizza Maker’s Favorite Song? Slice, Slice Baby!

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8. This Is How I Cut My Carbs.

9. It’s The Circle OF Life.

10. The Only Love Triangle I Want!

11. What Does a Pizza Say When It Introduces Itself To You? Slice to Meet You.


12. Seven Days Without Pizza Makes One Weak!


13. Every Pizza ME Loves Every Pizza You!


14. You Sure Are A Pizza Work.

15. Sorry If It Sounds Cheesy, But You’ve Melted My Heart!


If you like making your loved ones happy by gifting them their favorite things, then we’ve got a perfect idea for you. You can gift a customized t-shirt of any these funny and cheesy pizza puns to your friends or family.Now, grab that mouth-watering slice of pizza and these pizza puns while you can. They’re here today and gone tomato! Hope you’ll have a slice day today after reading these funny pizza puns.

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