Hey dear food lovers or rather pizza lovers, Don’t you think that food and some humour goes hand in hand? It is an amazing packaged deal tho just like a packaged box of the delightful pizza. Isn’t it? Also, how about a fun wordplay of our most favorite food – Pizza? Yes, if you are someone who is firmly obsessed with puns than you knead-to-know these funny pizza puns for sure! Also, dear beautiful people – don’t forget to wear your mask and remember to only remove it when you wanna have a slice of the appetizing pizzaaaa! Now let’s ride together in the list of these amazing puns.

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1. You’ll Always Have a Pizza My Heart.

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2. Wanna Hear A Joke About Pizza? Nah, It’s Too Cheesy.

3. What Kind Of Person Doesn’t Like Pizza? A Wierdough!

4. I “a-dough” You!

5. Get Out There And Cheese The Day.

6. Sorry To Say, This Isn’t Going To Get Any Cheesier.

7. What Is A Pizza Maker’s Favorite Song? Slice, Slice Baby!

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8. This Is How I Cut My Carbs.

9. It’s The Circle OF Life.

10. The Only Love Triangle I Want!

11. What Does a Pizza Say When It Introduces Itself To You? Slice to Meet You.

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12. Seven Days Without Pizza Makes One Weak!

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13. Every Pizza ME Loves Every Pizza You!

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14. You Sure Are A Pizza Work.

15. Sorry If It Sounds Cheesy, But You’ve Melted My Heart!

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If you like making your loved ones happy by gifting them their favorite things, then we’ve got a perfect idea for you. You can gift a customized t-shirt of any these funny and cheesy pizza puns to your friends or family. Now, grab that mouth-watering slice of pizza and these pizza puns while you can. They’re here today and gone tomato! Hope you’ll have a slice day today after reading these funny pizza puns.

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