How Many Of These World Food Days Do You Know? - Part 2

The world is a crazy place to live in. The only solace- Food. Here I come with more world food days to celebrate with fellow foodie friends. It is up to us foodies to gather and party on these world food days!

World Chocolate Day - July 7th

Chocolate Day | chocolates | food days | lots of choco | chocolate Cupcake

Which of the other days can bring you so much joy? Imagine a day of eating all things chocolate? Heaven would be jealous!

French Fries Day - July 13th

french fries | cheesy | world fries day | unhealthy | tasty fries |

Imagine a whole day is now given to these fries. The fries are a perfect accompaniment for every dish. If I could, I would make it a law to eat fries Every Day. But for now, we are all going to go fry-crazy on 13th July.

International Beer and Pizza Day - October 9th -

Beer and Pizza day | pizza and beer | cheesy pizza | beer drink | beverage

When we think pizza, beer is the best beverage to drink! This pair goes far back for around a thousand years but never fails to work its charm.

World Food Day - October 16th

World food day | eat healthy | food | breakfast | dinner | lunch | unhealthy |

World Food Day is an urge for everyone to make themselves and others aware. Food production, distribution, waste and the biggest problem- world hunger. On this day, donate and make your bit to help build a Zero Hunger World.

International Cookie Day - December 4th

cookies | world cookie day | chocolate chip cookies |

Cookies are in my opinion becoming very underrated. Cookies are the perfect snack. On International Cookie day, the world gives tribute to these delectable treats. So that is a calendar for all you foodies out there. Comment and tell us which day was invented just for you and your crazy foodie friends.

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