Foreign Chocolates We Insist Our NRI Relatives To Bring Along

Chocolate is a feeling which no one can deny at any point in time. Be it any age, chocolates are everyone’s favorite! And the best part is, we can have foreign chocolates here in India. Want to know how? Just insist your NRI relatives about the chocolates and you’re are done! They’ll definitely get a bunch of different chocolates along with them. Though we get some of them here, the taste of the foreign chocolates is pure bliss. So what are you waiting for? Go and convince your parents for the chocolates from foreign!

1. Hershey’s

Foreign Chocolate | Hershey's
Source: Google

2. Skittles

Foreign Chocolates | Skittles
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3. Lindt

Foreign Chocolates | Lindt
Source: Google

4. Smarties

Foreign Chocolates | Smarties
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5. Maltesers

Foreign Chocolates | Maltesers
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6. Toblerone

Foreign Chocolate | Toblerone
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7. Quality Street

Foreign Chocolates | Quality Street
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8. Anthon Berg Liquor Chocolates

Sweets from out of the country | Anthon Berg Liquor Chocolates
Source: Google

9. Bounty

Sweets from outside | Bounty
Source: Google

10. M&M Chocolate Bars

Dessers from outside | M&M
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So next time kaunsi chocolate mangva rahe ho? Bata dena to hum bhi apni list bhej denge 😜

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