Hungrito Blogger’s Connect At Tiger Bay, Ahmedabad

Hungrito Blogger’s Connect was organized at Tiger Bay, Ahmedabad. It catered to many influential local foodies invited exclusively for sharing experiences. 35 bloggers were invited to the meetup. The event was all about spending quality time together, have food, clicking pictures and sharing their amazing journey with food.

Hungrito Blogger’s Connect

So as the event started, the bloggers had an introduction session where they talked about their passion and how they turned towards this idea of ‘food blogging’.

The attendees of Hungrito Blogger’s Connect were then given some important tips about photography by Himanshu Goel. It was followed by a small informative talk about blogging and common tactics used by famous blogging website to engage more users.

Hungrito Blogger's Connect
Source: Hungrito

The Whisper Challenge

The fun part started when the bloggers were made to play a game and they were divided into two teams. So the game went on like this, where a person from team A would come and had to guess the names of different dishes which team B would whisper. But there’s a catch. The person who had to guess the names would be listening to the loud music on the headphones

Hungrito Blogger's Connect
Source: Hungrito

Sounds fun right? And guess what, the winning team got a prize from @biskutahmedabad

And then they were served food. Meanwhile, the bloggers had an interaction among themselves.

And then it was time for the food part. The bloggers were given different food dishes. And, they all rushed to click pictures. The bloggers were also given goodies from Hungrito which had a small part of Hungrito in it. What what what?


Yes! Hungrito launched its exclusive product: Hungrito Foodie Calendar. This foodie calendar consists of the handpicked dishes for every season and beautifully written Hungrito tales which became favourite of the audience by the time went. This beautiful calendar was gifted to each attendee of Hungrito Bloggers’ connect.

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