Safety Measures to Follow while Dining Out

How are all our Foodies doing out there? Maja ma badha? As you must have seen the restaurants and the fast-food joints have started opening slowly. Food places are reopening in Unlock 1.0. While things are getting towards a new normal, there is still the dark cloud of the pandemic hanging above us.  While going out we would like to assure that you are following the safety measures while traveling and eating outside. Here, in this blog, recommend you some safety measures to follow while dining out during COVID-19.

Safety Measures to Follow while Dining Out during COVID-19

1. Mask is the new way of life

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As you know, masks help in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Make sure that you are wearing one while leaving your house. Also, check for how many hours you are wearing one mask. If you are using a cloth reusable mask then change your mask after 6 hours of use. Carry an extra one just in case you are going to stay out of your house for more than 6 hours.While you go outside to enjoy the food we don’t want you catching the virus on your way. Therefore, wearing a mask is necessary. You should only remove it only while eating food. Additionally, carry a personal pocket hand sanitizer to use before eating. Although washing hands is more effective.

2. Observe the Place You Eat at

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 The restaurants and food joints are taking the proper hygiene and safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus at their place. You should check if these safety measures are properly implemented or not. Avoid eating food at the places that don’t have proper prevention measures or protocols no matter how much of tasty food they serve. 

 3. From Sharing Food Together To Joey Doesn’t Share Food


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Remember how carefree life was before the coronavirus came crashing down on us? With our friends, we went with the ‘Sharing is Caring’ Motto. You could have five forks in one maggie with your friends. Share a pack of chips with friends. The scenario went from sharing is caring to Joey doesn’t share food super quick.


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Now it is advisable to not share your food just like joey here! There is a 360-degree turn in the ‘Sharing is Caring’ Motto. You should think twice before sharing that maggie with your friends or even the pack of chips.Sure, have fun outdoors! But be sure that you are taking proper precautions to stay safe as well. Hope that you guys are taking all the measures to stay safe and healthy. Let us know about the other safety measures that you have been taking while going out in the comments!   

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