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Planet Popcorn Ahmedabad : Mixup Your Favourite Flavours In A Paper Cone

Are you looking for a good snack? Something that is salty, spicy, cheesy or a bit sweet? Thinking of which snack can pass these filters? Let me tell you that the snack you’re looking for is Popcorn! And guess what there’s place in the city that serves them in the best ways possible. Popcorn Planet Ahmedabad is the place where you can find popcorn with the taste of your choice and those are handmade too. Totally a paradise for popcorn lovers with unique flavours to choose from.It is a tiny, cute place with subtle lighting.

It is basically a world of popcorn where you get amazing popcorn flavours such as classic butter salt, you chilli devil (for those who love spice a bit more), rainbow popcorn (for sweet souls).

These will instantly put you in popping mood. I tried chilli devil and it does put up with reputation. You get an amazing combination of sugar and spice which definitely leaves you wanting for more.

I bet this is a great snack to munch while you’re chilling with your friends. A great perk with this is that they deliver all over India for single popcorn packet for free! And a downside is that they don’t have a sitting area and a coke machine! But my love for popcorn makes me visit this place more often and I hope that you’ll love it too.The guest author, Unnati Shah is known as Always Hungry Girl. Check out her Instagram to follow her food exploration: @always_hungrygirl

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