Who doesn’t love to have Punjabi food? All the curries full of butter, different types of dals full of deliciousness and those rotis finished with butter. Not just me but every middle class Indian is a fan of Punjabi cuisine.  

But the real question is why we love Punjabi food so much? You will find at least one Punjabi cuisine restaurant wherever you go, not just in India but across the globe.

This must be interesting to find out about, so I started doing my research on it, and the answer is definitely amusing.

So let’s start the journey of Punjabi food and its history.

This cuisine has a rich tradition of many distinct and local ways of cooking. Among them is a special form of tandoori cooking that is now famous in other parts of India, UK, Canada, and in many parts of the world.

But still, a person cannot make a good tandoori dish at home because we don’t have proper types of equipment.

punjabi food
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The local cuisine of Punjab is heavily influenced by the agriculture and farmer lifestyle, which is one of the main reason Punjabi cuisine is so famous in all over India.

DAAL- CHAWAL- SUBJI- ROTI  is the main food in India. Wherever you go you will find these things, you can say it is the comfort food for all Indians. The Punjabi food is too fulfilling, we love that extra butter and cheese oozing out on the plate. The wonderful smell of these tasty ingredients and masalas makes us drool.

punjabi food
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Let’s talk about the budget, middle-class family always have a very tight budget for their outing programs and that’s why they look for options with good food and nominal prices. Punjabi cuisine is one of that cuisine which is available anywhere, from a roadside Dhaaba to Michelin star restaurants.

Now the third and final reason which I found in my research is the taste palette of Punjabi food, it hits with a strong and flavourful taste. The rich blend of spices and various ingredients makes it one of the most famous cuisines in India and Canada as well.

My final conclusion is Punjabi cuisine is the ulltimate comfort food making it one of the best cuisine in India.

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