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Red Flags of a Foodie Friend

What if your friend abruptly starts talking about the subtle differences between Himalayan pink salt and regular table salt? What if your friend refuse to eat at any restaurant without first consulting Yelp or TripAdvisor? Yes, we are definitely talking about some of the red flags of a foodie friend. 

These red flags might not actually termed as *RED* flags but can surely hit your nerve sometimes.

Red Flags Of A Foodie Friend

1.  Always talking about food 

A foodie friend may always talk about food, restaurants, recipes and cooking techniques. This can become tiresome and may indicate an obsession with food. 

2. Overly critical

A foodie friend may be overly critical of the food they eat, often complaining about the smallest imperfections or inconsistencies. Though sometimes they are very helpful with their choices in food.

3. Judgemental of others food choices 

A foodie friend may be quick to judge others’ food choices and may look down on those who don’t share their passion for food, which is definitely a total red flag.

4. Exclusive taste of a foodie

A foodie friend may have a very exclusive taste and only enjoy certain types of cuisine or ingredients, which may limit their dining options and make it difficult to enjoy meals with them. 

5. Constantly taking pictures

A foodie friend may always be taking pictures of food, which can be annoying and may take away from the enjoyment of the meal. Though they might actually click good pictures.

6. Pushing their own food agenda 

A foodie friend may try to push their own food agenda onto others, such as advocating for a particular diet or ingredient, which may make others feel uncomfortable. 

While having a friend who is passionate about food can be enjoyable, it’s important to be aware of the potential red flags that may indicate an obsession with food. 

But hey, at least you know you’ll never go hungry when you’re with them! 

Tell us your more quirks about your foodie friends!