The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes| Dosa waffles

The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes

Indians and food – a classic example of an inseparable relationship – which is above and beyond the taste! Being an Indian, aren’t we really fond of adding the desi tadka or twist to our food dishes? Even when we love several international cuisines but we feel that any dish is incomplete without the wonderful Indian twist. Also, there is a simple solution when you are not able to decide on what to eat for a meal. It is about the delightful food mashups that you absolutely need to try! And we’re here with the list of the food items that come under the yummiest fusion of Indian and foreign food dishes just for you. We’re sure that your taste buds will thank you after trying out these appetizing fusion dishes.

Vegetable Manchurian

The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes| Vegetable manchurian

How about a plate of Chinese food(vegetable Manchurian) with an Indian twist? Sounds interesting no? Trust us, it tastes even better with those Manchurian balls filled with certain vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, onions, and chilly. It is then dipped in the delicious soy sauce to make it creamier. Ask any Indian and they will not deny the fact that they love Chinese food due to the Indo-Chinese version of it.

Masala Macaroni

The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes| Masala macaroni
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How about a macaroni with a twist? A flavourful twist indeed! We Indians love adding masalas to anything and everything. Isn’t it? We recommend you try this tasteful dish – Masala macaroni. It is one of the yummiest pasta dishes with an Indian touch. Make this amazing fusion dish within minutes and relish it with your favourite cold drink!

Masala Coke

The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes| masala coke

Are you someone who is fond of chilled beverages? Do you also believe that no single dish is complete without coke? If yes, then we highly recommend you to try this exotic flavoured coke. Masala coke simply tastes delicious after adding some lemon and black salt into it. These simple ingredients make the whole difference and you’ll be able to enjoy this wonderful and loved-by-all beverage with any of your favourite dishes.

Dosa Waffles

The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes| Dosa waffles

How about relishing a South-Indian dish with an American twist? If you are excited to eat your dosas in an innovative way then, you must try out the yummy dosa waffles. They are surely a treat to your taste buds! This savory and simple dish is simple yet creative and it can be made within no time.

Pink Sauce Pasta

delicious delicacies| Pink sauce pasta

Do you ever run out of red sauce while making some toothful pasta? If yes, then you don’t need to worry as we’ve got you covered with this. Simply, add some white sauce to the red sauce to compensate for its taste. And hurrayy! You’re all set to mix your pasta in this beautiful and delightful sauce. The end result is the tasty pink sauce pasta.

Chilli Potato

delightful dishes| Chilli potatoes
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Are you confused soul when it comes to deciding on what to order for dinner? If this is true, then we’re here to help you out! Whenever you’re confused, try ordering a hot plate of chili potatoes or try making it at home and thank us later. This dish is one of the famous specialties of Indians when it comes to experimenting with food and making it even more delightful!

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Flavourful dishes| Gulab jamun cheesecake

Our relationship with sweets is equally proportional to our relationship with food! Don’t you agree with this fact tho? Gulab jamuns being one of our classic favorite desserts is now surely amping up its game. It comes with a traditional and an Indian twist known as gulab jamun cheesecake! Did you scream in excitement just like we did after hearing about this mouth-watering food fusion?We’re more than thrilled to know your top favorite from these delicacies. Tell us which of these dishes have you tried from this list of the yummiest fusion of Indian and foreign food dishes.

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