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Unique Types Of Coffees You Can Try In Ahmedabad

Are you fond of coffee, just like we are? A sour, sweet, sharp, or bitter one? We believe that a good cup of coffee is an Art. May it be a cold frappe for you to chill on a hot day in summer or a warm latte to warm yourself on a chilly winter morning. We’re here with a list of unique types of coffees you can try in Ahmedabad.

1. Irish Cream Syrup Coffee

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Your taste buds are going to thank you after relishing this rich coffee. This cold coffee is blended with ice and sweetened with brown sugar topped with some Irish flavoured whipped cream. The café Mocha, near Bodakdev, serves one of the best Irish cream syrup coffee. Hazelnut syrup, caramel and whipped cream coffee are other interesting coffee flavours served by the café.

2. Lavender Vanilla

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A lavender vanilla latte is all you would want in the sunshine! This is a warming drink which has a divine combination of lavender and vanilla beans mixed in some frothed milk. You can try this flavour of coffee at SWAT coffee café of the city. The café also offers an amazing range of different flavoured coffees. i.e. Raspberry Vanilla, Blackberry Vanilla, Black Forest Coffee, Tiramisu, and Ginger Bread.

3. Pink Latte

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Source: _littlefrenchhouse_/ Instagram

Ever tasted a pink latte? A holiday blend of wonder indeed! If not, then you will be surprised to know that this is an immune-boosting beverage. Pink latte is colourful and overflowing with natural flavour. It is a mixture of unsweetened almond milk, vanilla extract, honey, cinnamon, ginger, and fresh beetroot juice for that exciting colour. Little French House of the city is a powerhouse of pink latte. Go and have some!

4. Popcorn Cold Coffee

Uniques types of coffess you can try in ahmedabad| Expresso bombon
Source: foodies_si_ladki/ Instagram

Isn’t this name giving you a vibe of a movie theatre? For all you coffee lovers out there, we tell you popcorn cold coffee is a tasty and gorgeous beverage. It is a rich combination of some finely ground coffee, sugar, corn syrup, and butter. The coffee is garnished with ice, whipped cream, or chocolate sauce which can be truly flavoursome. Brew Garten café in the town serves this amazing beverage along with Donut Cold Coffee and Sweltering Ice-Berg.

5. Gingerbread Frappe

different flavours of coffees| Caramel frappe
Source: tastingwithfingers/ Instagram

A perfect addition to your coffee routine for the holidays indeed. This is a delicious blended drink of gingerbread syrup, roasted coffee, vanilla essence, milk, and ice which is topped with whipped cream and nutmeg. It can be customized according to your taste. You can relish this flavourful coffee at The Dark Roast café in the city. The café also offers other tasteful varieties of coffees. i.e. Expresso Romano, Bottomless Dark, and Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

6. White Chocolate Mocha Frappe

several famous coffees| Cafe de italiano
source: treasurebyshayra_tish/ instagram

For all you white chocolate lovers out there, this is a perfect beverage that would make your day! It is a beautiful combination of ice, milk, sugar, and white chocolate sauce. Oh, and it’s topped with some whipped cream or chocolate sauce. Café De Italiano in the city has a delicious range of coffees including Brownie Frappe, Columbian, Devils Frappe, and Coffee Caramello.Do try out these amazing and delicious flavoured beverages from this list of unique types of coffees you can try in Ahmedabad.

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