18 Must Try Rath Yatra Foods : Traditional Odia Festival Foods For Lord Jagannath

Rath Yatra is one of the most popular festivals of India. The festival of chariots full of joy and vibrancy is a significant Hindu festival celebrated widely across India. Apart from all its cultural richness, Rath Yatra also holds a rich culinary heritage. Lord Jagannath is served with a meal of Chhappan Bhog in Jagannath Temple, this is your guide to the authentic and traditional Rath Yatra foods.

What is Rath Yatra?

It is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and commemorates his annual visit to his birthplace, the Gundicha Temple. The festival involves the procession of three enormous chariots, which carry the idols of Lord Jagannath, his sister Subhadra, and his brother Balabhadra.

The chariots are constructed anew every year and are decorated elaborately with colourful fabrics, flowers, and other ornamental materials. Devotees pull the chariots with ropes, a tradition considered highly auspicious, as it symbolizes the devotees’ participation in the divine journey.

Traditional Rath Yatra Foods

    1. Poda Pitha

    A close-up shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Poda Pitha
    Source : Indian Eagle

    A traditional cake-like dish, Poda Pitha is made with fermented rice batter, jaggery, grated coconut, and spices. This Odia dish is prepared during Rath Yatra captivates with its unique flavours and soft, caramelized texture.

    2. Rasabali

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Rasabali with leaf and flower in the background
    Source : Times Of India

    Rasabali is a divine dessert made with deep-fried cheese patties soaked in sweetened thickened milk, filled with cardamom. Rasabali is offered to Baladevjew, and originated in the Baladevjew Temple of Kendrapara. During Rath Yatra, this indulgent treat is savoured with joy, leaving a lingering sweetness on the taste buds.

    3. Chenna Poda

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Chenna Poda garnished with cardamom
    Source : Cook With Razia Youtube

    The beloved Odia dessert features caramelized cottage cheese (chhena) blended with sugar, ghee, and cardamom. Moreover, Its smoky flavours and velvety texture make it a must-try Rath Yatra Food, satisfying the sweet toothed with every bite.

    4. Khaja

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Khaja stacked on top of each other
    Source : News Nation

    This crispy, layered pastry is a popular sweet from Odisha, enjoyed during Rath Yatra. With its heavenly crispiness and the delightful blend of flavours, Khaja offers a delightful experience to sweet food lovers.

    5. Bara

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Bara stacked on top of each other served on a plate with assortment the side
    Source : Best In Odisha

    Who doesn’t love snacks? Bara is a deep-fried lentil-based savoury snack made with a batter of ground lentils, spices, and herbs. This crispy on the outside and soft on the inside snack can be great for munching on during the vibrant Rath Yatra procession.

    6. Arisa Pitha

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Arisa Pitha stacked on top of each other served on a beautifully crafted plate
    Source : Arisa Pitha

    Ever tried an Odia rice cake? Crispy and golden, Arisa Pitha is a deep-fried rice cake that brings a delightful crunch to Rath Yatra celebrations. Originating from Odisha, this dish is made with soaked rice flour, jaggery, and grated coconut, offering a balanced palette of sweetness and texture.

    7. Malpua

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Malpua stacked on top of each other garnished with cardimom and Saffron
    Source : Axis Bank

    These delectable deep-fried pancakes, made from a batter of flour, milk, and mashed bananas, are soaked in sugar syrup and enjoyed during Rath Yatra. Originating from North India, Malpua adds a touch of richness and indulgence to the festive foods.

    8. Dalma

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Dalma with an appealing vibrant look of the vegetables assorted on the Dal
    Source : One Teaspoon Of Life

    A flavorful and nutritious dish from Odisha, Dalma is a comforting lentil-based preparation cooked with assorted vegetables. This wholesome and aromatic dish chickpea dal from Orissa is often enjoyed during Rath Yatra, adds a touch of warmth to the festivities.

    9. Makara Chaula

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Makara Chaula with an appealing vibrant look of the assorted pomegranate
    Source : First Timer Cook

    A unique dish from Odisha, Makara Chaula celebrates the bountiful harvest and is prepared by mixing freshly harvested rice, grated coconut, ripe bananas, jaggery, and an assortment of fruits like mangoes and oranges. Moreover, it is believed to be a favourite dish of Lord Jagannath.

    10. Mitha Dahi

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Mitha Dahi in an appealing minimalistic serving along with a spoon, a small leaf and textured wall. The brown bowl that the Mitha Dahi is served on is sitting on a pink-ish cloth.
    Source : Nari – Punjab Kesari

    This sweet yogurt mixed with cardamom or saffron is a delicious cooling dessert. A traditional Odia delicacy often served as a refreshing and sweet dish during the Rath Yatra.

    11. Kakara Pitha

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Kakara Pitha stacked on top of each other served on a round fashion on a plate
    Source : My Cooking Canvas

    A traditional Odia pancake-like dessert made with a delectable filling of grated coconut, jaggery, and cardamom enveloped in a batter of rice flour and deep-fried. Kakara Pitha tantalises taste buds during Rath Yatra.

    12. Santula

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Food Santula with an appealing vibrant look of the vegetables served in a round bowl alongside Chapatis or Rotis. The bowl and the Chapatis are served on a brown wooden holder with a red liquid substance on the side.
    Source : Tesco Real Food

    Santula is a simple and delicious mix of vegetables cooked with minimal spices. It brings a burst of freshness to the Rath Yatra feast. This light and healthy dish from Odisha is a staple during the festival which ensures a balanced and satisfying meal.

    13. Mathura Peda

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Chappan Bhog food Mathura Peda stacked on top of each other served on a mini round plate. The dish is dummied by another dish on the side. There are also a Peacock's feather, Almond, flower and Cashew in frame.
    Source : Chappan Bhog

    Originating from Mathura, these delightful sweet treats made with khoya, sugar, and cardamom are offered to Lord Jagannath during Rath Yatra as Prasad which adds a touch of North Indian sweetness to the festival.

    14. Ukhuda

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra Chappan Bhog food Ukhuda served on a round bowl. There are also Bananas and a photo of Lord Jagannath in frame.
    Source : Mahaprasada

    Ukhuda is a deep-fried sweet snack prepared with wheat flour, sugar, and cardamom. With its golden exterior and delightful sweetness, Ukhuda will definitely leave a lasting impression on you as it adds a burst of flavour to traditional Odia food.

    15. Khichdi

    A shot of a traditional Rath Yatra food Khichdi served in a round bowl on a wooden holder. There's an antique spoon to go alongside the vegetables assorted vibrant Khichdi. There are lemon's and leaves and a raita or dahi like substance in a smaller bowl and all these adorn the stripe textured wooden table in frame.
    Source : Jagran English

    A comforting and wholesome common dish, Khichdi plays a significant role in the Rath Yatra feast. This simple yet satisfying dish represents a balance of flavours and is enjoyed by devotees during the festival.

    16. Sweet Pongal

    Traditional Rath Yatra Food Sweet Pongal in leaf in a bowls. Hands are holding the bowl.
    Source : The Curly Tales

    This creamy and aromatic rice pudding, prepared with rice, jaggery, milk, and flavoured with cardamom, is a staple during Rath Yatra celebrations. Moreover, sweet Pongal offers a divine sweetness that symbolises prosperity and abundance.

    17. Kheer Sagar

    Traditional Rath Yatra Food Kheer Sagar in a bowl.
    Source : Gayathri’s Cook Spot

    With its small, soft, and spongy dumplings immersed in sweetened milk, Kheer Sagar creates waves of flavour during Rath Yatra. This traditional Odia dessert, garnished with nuts and enriched with cardamom, will transport you to a world of sweet indulgence.

    18. Mahura

    Traditional Rath Yatra Food Mahura in a bowl. There's also a small bowl of red chillies on the side.
    Sources : Pragatiwadi

    Mahura is a delightful Odia sweet made from puffed rice, jaggery, and coconut. It is a popular treat during Rath Yatra, offering a tasteful blend of textures and flavours. Making it an irresistible choice for devotees and food enthusiasts alike.

    So whether you’re looking for sweet delights or warm and wholesome treats, the traditional Rath Yatra foods cover it all. The heavenly bliss created by the traditional food mixes with the unique devotion and nature of the festival and makes it a truly memorable event for devotees and foodies alike.

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