29 States 29 Desserts

29 Desserts from 29 States in India

India has a varied culture. As are the number of states so are the number of cultures and so are the number of dishes. Dishes vary with each other from state to state in Names, Recipes and many other styles. Desserts are the heart and soul of any occasion in Indian culture. The Indian States have colourful ways of spreading happiness through their rooted ways.

  1. 1. Bal-mithai from Uttarakhand
Bal-mithai from Uttarakhand Desserts

2. Awan Bangwi from Tripura

29 States 29 Desserts Awan Bangwi from Tripura

3. Pukhlein from Meghalaya

29 States 29 Desserts Pukhlein from Meghalaya

4. MavaBatti from MadhyaPradesh

29 States 29 Desserts MavaBatti from MadhyaPradesh

5. Karanji from Maharastra

29 States 29 Desserts Karanji from Maharastra

6. Potato Halwa from Haryana

29 States 29 Desserts Potato Halwa from Haryana

7. Basundi from Gujarat

29 States 29 Desserts Basundi from Gujarat

8. Koat Pitha from Mizoram

29 States 29 Desserts Koat Pitha from Mizoram

9. Dehrori from Chhattisgarh

29 States 29 Desserts Dehrori from Chhattisgarh

10. Pinni from Punjab

Pinni from Punjab Desserts

11. Madhurjan Thongba  from Manipur

Madhurjan Thongba from Manipur Desserts

12. Rosogolla from West Bengal

Rosogolla from West Bengal Desserts

13. Mittha from Himachal Pradesh

Mittha from Himachal Pradesh Desserts

14. Khaja from Bihar

Khaja from Bihar Desserts

15. Mysur Pak from Karnataka

Mysur Pak from Karnataka Desserts

16. Narikolor From Assam

 Narikolor From Assam Desserts

17. Pootharekulu from Andhra Pradesh

 Pootharekulu from Andhra Pradesh Desserts

18. Vettu Cake from Kerala

Vettu Cake from Kerala Desserts

19. Sael Roti from Sikkim

Sael Roti from Sikkim Desserts

20. Khapse from Arunachal Pradesh

Khapse from Arunachal Pradesh Desserts

21. Naap Naang  from Nagaland

Naap Naang from Nagaland Desserts

22. Tirunelveli Halwa  from Tamil Nadu

Tirunelveli Halwa from Tamil Nadu Desserts

23. Shufta from Jammu Kashmir

Shufta from Jammu Kashmir Desserts

24. Malpua from Jharkhand

Malpua from Jharkhand Desserts

25. Chenna Poda From Odisha

Chenna Poda From Odisha

26. Petha from Uttar Pradesh

Petha from Uttar Pradesh Desserts

27. Bebinca from Goa

Bebinca from Goa Desserts

28. Ghewar from Rajasthan

Ghewar from Rajasthan Desserts

29. Boorelu From Telangana

Boorelu From Telangana Desserts

People with a sweet tooth are always in search of more desserts, and this can give it a relief. But still, the search for desserts will never ever tend to end.

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