World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June to create awareness and increase the efforts towards conversing the environment. As much as, we love all things food we still are the global citizens responsible for taking better steps towards conserving the environment and making it sustainable for everyone. This does not mean that we do every other thing that we know about saving the environment. Keeping this in mind, we should do our bit which is possible and in our hands to control. Because there are times when we don’t even realize that we’re contributing in wasting food. It is absolutely a bigger problem then we realize! Therefore we’ve put together a list of the 5 ways to reduce food wastage that you can head for this Environment Day! Let us keep enjoying our food journeys while making sure we are not harming our mother earth.

These are also some of the magnificent food trends that will never go out of trend!

1. Mindful Purchasing

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Mindful purchasing is not just a new trend but is also a practice that’ll excessively lead to the reduction in food wastage! It’s always said that think twice before throwing away food then why not think twice before purchasing it? Therefore, reduce impulse buying and see what all you’ve got before taking that oh-so-cool trip tot he grocery store. Cause shopping smart is never going out of the style anytime! So, you might want to take lesser trips to the grocery store and help cut back on the waste.

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2. Let The Clutter Out

Ways to reduce food wastage

Clutter or de-clutter. What sounds better? Clear clutter and make space for all the necessary things inside of your fridge. As an overly filled fridge would probably lead to food waste while a well-stocked fridge is always pleasing tot he eyes and mind! You must’ve heard, “out of sight, out of mind.” Don’t you think that it stands true especially when it comes to food?
Use the FIFO method here and keep the food spoiling at bay. FIFO is “first in, first out.” For ex. When you buy a new cartoon of any food supply, you must place the newer package behind the old so that older food gets use and not wasted!

3. Be Friends With Your Freezer

Ways to reduce food wastage

Your fridge may look appealing with all the pretty packaged foods or your favorite food items. But there’s no point in hoarding them when the household cannot eat all of it. However, if you’ve made the extra purchase then you need to freeze the extras in order to preserve them. It is one of the easiest ways that offers the reduction in food wastage. Put all your salad greens in freezer-safe bags, containers to use them later. Freezing the leftover meals and bulk meals like soups is a great method ensures that you have a healthy home-cooked meal always!
Note: this, the season of mangoes and you can cut it into pieces and freeze them in a container so that you can relish them later once the mango season is over!

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4. The Art Of Storing

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Art exists since decades and we cannot not appreciate art in any form! Get your hands only on the foods that you’ll actually need for that special family dinner or a virtual party with your friends. Keeping a log of spoiling foods can can help you identify the foods that they you may cut on.
Always store the cooked foods on shelves above raw foods and store them in sealed containers. Don’t forget to store your stock of apples and bananas separately from other perishable food items. You can eat them all fresh if you do so!

5. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Leftovers

Methods of eating wisely in life

Satisfy the cook and DIY achiever in you with all the leftovers of the kitchen. Make some delicious dishes from it and prove that you’re built to be in the kitchen too!
You can make some amazing and savory food dishes from the common leftovers from your kitchen. You can also donate the leftover food, or feed them to the stray dogs and animals instead of throwing them away.

There are certain greens or vegetables that may slightly soften and you might throw them away thinking that they are stale. But dear foodies, trust us with this: they would still make excellent smoothies, or tasteful baked dishes!

Be mindful about the foods that you consume and buy. Every time you get carried away and purchase all the things you might not need, then you might want to freeze them to use it later.

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Do you already follow any of these ways to reduce food wastage? If yes, then its remarkable that you’re putting forward an initiative to reduce the food wastage. If no, then you can be phenomenal by following the above steps and contribute in the betterment of our beloved environment. 🙂

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