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Food Trends To Look Forward In 2021

While the world looks forward to 2021, foodies like us look forward to the food trends. First, we eat, and then we do everything else! Whether it be welcoming the new year or bidding adieu to 2020. The year 2020 felt like 100 years due to the pandemic. This was the year of great learnings, especially in terms of food. Our love for food has made us forecast a list of food trends to look forward in 2021.

1. Comeback Of The Organic Foods

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We are now getting a shift towards more organic food items on our plates. The production of organic fruits and vegetables is more likely to become a priority. Organic food has numerous health benefits which make us lean towards it.

2. Increase In The Demand Of Homegrown Ingredients

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Growing our own food ingredients is one of the best feelings. Isn’t it? Staying at home for quite a long time period paved a way for us to grow our own food. It is also a healthier option to look forward to in the year 2021.

3. Eating Better Is In The Limelight

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Healthy eating and being mindful of what we consume will be one of our new year’s resolution. There will be more usage of ingredients like ginger, turmeric, garlic, honey, and citrus fruits which is helpful in boosting our immunity. Becoming extra cautious of our health by taking smaller steps such as consuming less sugar. The accelerated shift to eat cleaner and greener thrives us

4. Fight Against Food Waste

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Cooking with leftovers have become the current trend lately. The pandemic taught us to efficiently use the minimum ingredients available at home. Planning our meal accordingly and improving the food storage facility may help us in reducing food waste at your homes. Another option is to make a rich organic soil from the kitchen leftovers. We see that the battle against the wastage of food is going to get hotter in the year 2021.

5. Exciting Combination Of Flavours

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Albeit, many of us turned to our comfort foods this year, but we did try to make them exciting. We made an effort to make our food more interesting by incorporating the exciting combination of flavours. This endeavour is definitely coming with us in 2021. Some examples of exciting combination of food flavours – Tomato Sauce + Spinach, Brown Rice + Garlic + Onion, Pistachio + Raisins, Coffe = Banana Bread.

6. The Return Of (more)Vegetables And Fruits

food trends to look forward in 2021| vegetables and fruits
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Vegetables and fruits are surely going to govern us in the coming year. Whether it be luscious greens or juicy fruits, we know how to decorate them on our plate to make it look more tempting. The trend of eating more fruits and vegetables in different ways is going to dominate us in the year ahead. Have you heard of incorporating your vegetables in the desserts? If not, then click here to see the delicious recipes.The food trends to look forward in 2021 are swiftly paving their way which has considerably helped us in many ways. We have now started looking for food, made for wellness. Looking forward to improving our gut health which is vital for our physical and mental health became an important part of our life. United Nations has taken the healthy nutrition guide into consideration and has declared 2021 as the national year of fruits and vegetables. Click here to know more.Here’s to cheer you up to add a plethora of healthy food items in your diet. 

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