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7 ​​Food Items That Are Actually Firangi

Hey dear foodies, Are you someone who absolutely loves the basic Indian food dishes and desserts? Those comfort food platters and indulging sweets such as gulab jamuns and jalebis? We bet that you are not gonna deny the fact that you love it all! And we believe you, by all means! As Indians and food, is a wonderful relationship that goes above and beyond taste. We love taking pride in the simplest food items that we consume daily. Isn’t it? But hey, hold on! Do we really know that some of these food dishes/items do not belong to us? They belong to different parts of the world, indeed. Read this further to know the 7 food items that are actually firangi.


Beverages that are not Indian| Tea/Chai

We’re sorry to break the bubble here, but yes, Tea a.k.a the heartthrob of the majority of people is actually a firangi item. Our beloved chai is not just a beverage but is an emotion and a way of life, certainly! This regular Indian accessory mainly belongs to China. It slowly came into existence in our culture when the British started cultivating it in India.


7 Food Items That Are Actually Firangi| Idli

How about a plate of your favorite South-Indian idlis for breakfast? But do you really know that idlis are not from South-India? Yes, this popular dish came to the sub-continent from Indonesia and made its way via the Arabs. It was known as “idiyappam” earlier. Are you amused by this fact or not?


Foreign dishes| Samosa

One of the hot favorite snacks that we’ve been enjoying for centuries now with our beloved chai. This famous South-Asian snack – samosa is bought to the Indian sub-continent from its neighbors. This triangular-shaped stuffed pastry originated from the middle east where it was originally made from spices, nuts, etc. By the way, are you astonished by this?

Dal Rice

Food Items That Are Actually Firangi| Dal rice

Don’t you agree that Dal-chawal is one of the best comfort food for any season? Majority of the people in India are absolute fans of this tasty food platter. But you’ll be startled at the fact that even our staple and comfort food does not belong to us!  Dal-rice or dal-bhaat comes from Nepal and it is now a regular part of our Indian diet.


7 Food Items That Are Actually Firangi| Jalebi

Aren’t you already craving this delightful dessert? Jalebi – the swirl of happiness is one of the top-favorite sweets of Indians. Are you aware of the fact that it actually came from the middle-east? Yes, this delicacy was introduced by the Mughals through trade routes between the Arabs and the Sindh. It was earlier made into a coil which was popular in Persia and Uzbekistan. Hey lovelies, tell us how surprised are you after knowing this!

Gulab Jamun

7 Food Items That Are Actually Firangi| Gulab jamun

Turns out that our dear Gulab Jamuns are not from India! They made their way from Persia and the Mediterranean. The recipe of the tasteful gulab jamun came into existence by the Moguls in India. Each and every person, may it be older people, children, or any age group loves this absolutely delightful delicacy. Also, we’re curious to know that how many Gulab jamuns can you eat in a row?


delightful dishes from outside| naan

People who are food devout will definitely love this tasty and soft flatbread. Naan exists in our country for 100s of years now. This appetizing naan can be relished with any vegetable originated from the Mughal kitchen. It came from the Mughals who traveled through Persia and Afghanistan before stopping in North India.What are your thoughts about these food dishes, now that you know the facts? Are you surprised to know these 7 food items that are actually firangi? Or you were already aware of it?

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