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Best Places for Thai Food in Ahmedabad

Did you know which other cuisine has a spicy and flavorful edge to it just like Indian cuisine? Thai cuisine from Thailand is just as serious as India when it comes to food. We simply can’t resist ourselves when it comes to trying out new textures for our taste-buds with a new international cuisine. Don’t worry, you don’t have to plan expensive trips to Thailand to try it out! Here are the Best Places for Thai Food in Ahmedabad.

Best Places for Thai Food

Mainland China

Mainland China is a casual dining restaurant serving Thai, Asian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. The place with its unique ambiance makes you feel like being transported to a whole new world. It has red and gold interiors with statues of soldiers at the entrance with the amazing new food to introduce your taste buds to is not something you want to miss out on.

Average Cost: 1,200 for two.

Best Places for Thai Food in Ahmedabad| Mainland China

Wok on Fire

Wok on fire mainly focuses on Indo-Chinese and Pan-Asian Cuisine. It is the perfect place for all your vegetarian Thai food cravings. Additionally, Wok on Fire is located at two locations in Ahmedabad one is at Bodakdev and the other is at Navrangpura.

Average Cost: 1,200 for two.

Best Places for Thai Food in Ahmedabad| Wok on Fire

Sizzling Shihai

This is the perfect place for all vegetarian Thai food lovers. You will find authentic traditional Asian food. It is also known for its peaceful environment and candlelight dinner. It’s the perfect place to go with your loved ones.

Average Cost: 1,200 for two.

Thai Places in Ahmedabad| Sizzling Shihai

Lollo Rosso

The menu of Lollo Rosso is made with the idea of taking the essentials of different international cuisines and serving them in a bowl. It has two outlets one is at Rajpath Rangoli road and the other is in Navrangpura. In addition to all this, there is something authentic about and different about the ambiance of the place that makes it uniquely different from others. Also, it has a unique concept of Lollo on Laps where you can dine-in your car where food is served in disposable bowls and sanitized cutlery with zero contact. This concept helps you to enjoy your meal in your safety and comfort zone.

Average Cost: 1,000 for two.

Culinary delights in the city| Lollo Rosso

Firangi Zaayka

You will not regret eating here! As it has a lot of variety of lip-smacking delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available. You can try Pad Thai Garlic Noodles, Thai Bowl, Thai Curry Red/Green and, Tom Yum Soup. Additionally, it is a pocket-friendly place serving the best quality of food.

Average Cost: 800 for two.

Good food in the city| Firangi Zaayka

One of the simple joys of Thai food is that you don’t have to complicate food to make it taste delicious. It is all about the right flavors. Which one of these places would you like to try out for Thai food?

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