Jalebi Fafda | Best Places To Eat Jalebi Fafda This Dussehra

Best Fafda Jalebi in Ahmedabad This Dussehra

Dussehra, also known as Dasara or Vijayadashami in different parts of India, is a popular festival among Hindus. We celebrate the victory of Lord Rama today who killed Ravana. It signifies winning of good over the evil. Similarly in Gujarat, this day is famous for being a dedicated occasion for eating Fafda Jalebi. So we thought why not give our amazing readers the list of best Fafda Jalebi places in Ahmedabad.Since festivals are different during the new normal because of pandemic. But our relationship with Food and Festivals remains the sameee! The essence of eating the tasty culinary delights while sitting at home with our family is all we need. It’s the new normal yeah! But we are really glad that we can happily indulge into festive delights while taking all the necessary precautions.

Fafda-Jalebi In ahmedabad

1. Jalaram Farsan Corner

Jalaram Farsan corner | Best Places To Eat Fafda-Jalebi This Dussehra
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“Aree aje toh Dussehra che, Fafda Jalebi kya thi lavsu?” Tame pan aaj vicharo cho? Then visiting jalaram Farsan Corner can be the answer to your question. It is located amidst the bustling place in the city. It is a one of the well-known old farsan places of the city. Jalaram is also popular for serving other varieties of classic Gujarati snacks. People say that it is a budget friendly place offering nice quality of food dishes.Price – Rs. 150/- approx. Location – Mani Nagar

2. Saushtra Chawana and Sweets

Saurashtra Chawana & Sweets | Best Places To Eat Fafda-Jalebi This Dussehra
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Eating Jethalal’s favorite Fafda Jalebi on a festive day is nothing more than happinesss! Craving more for Fafda Jalebi now? Then Saushtra Chawana and Sweets should be the place you should visit today. Believe us, your taste buds will go on a joy ride and your stomach will thank you after relishing the crisp and soft Fafda Jalebi. Don’t forget to get it packed, so that you can enjoy once you are back home! 😛Price – Rs. 100/- approx. Location – Satellite 

3. Iscon Gathiya

Iscon Gathiya | Best Places To Eat Fafda-Jalebi This Dussehra
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Aree wahh, su maja avi gai iya toh! Yes, you’ll surely say this after visiting Iscon Gathiya for a quick morning breakfast. Or for some delightful Fafda Jalebi on the morning of Dussehra. Iscon Gathiya Rath is situated in one of the busy areas of the city. It is known for it’s fresh food preparations and quality of food. We’re sure that you won’t be able to resist yourself after having just a plate of Fafda Jalebi. Cause they are just incredible and mouth-watering!Price – Rs. 150/- approx. Location – Satellite

4. Laxmi Gathiya Rath

Lakshmi Gathiya Rath | Best Places To Eat Fafda-Jalebi This Dussehra
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Fafda Jalebi ane Dhokla? Toh chalo jaiea Iscon Gathiya Rath! Fill your tummy and heart with a delectable platter of Fafda Jalebi and other farsan and have a gala time. Fill it full, hnuh! 😛 Apart for the mouth-watering Fafda Jalebi, the spread also serves other delightful delicacies. Delicacies such as Dhokla, Khaman, Mix Bhajiya, Samosa, Kachori, Sandwich Dhokla, Khandvi, Patra, and many more dishes. Satiatiate your taste buds with their oh-so-amazing dishes and have a blast.Price – Rs. 250/- approx. Location – Bodakdev

5. Chandra Villas 

Chandra Villas | Best Places To Eat Fafda-Jalebi This Dussehra
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Chandra Villas is winning hearts of people since many decades now. Whether it’s their services, their staff members, or the delightful delicacies they have it all! It is best-known for offering authentic Gujarati dishes with utmost simplicity. If you’re looking for a wholesome Fafda Jalebi experience then you must visit this place once. Did you know that Chandra Villas had the opportunity to serve the legends like Sardar Patel, Mahatma Gandhi, and Raj Kapoor!?Price – Rs. 300/- approx. Location – KalupurTo sum it up, now you know of these places where tasty Fafda Jalebi is available. So make sure you’re the first one to have them as the queue to have this Fafda Jalebi.Which is your favorite place to eat Fafda Jalebi in Ahmedabad? Let us know on socials:Hungrito on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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