Dog-friendly food places in ahmedabad

Few of the Dog-Friendly Food Places in Ahmedabad

Dog-friendly food places are establishments that allow customers to bring their pets along while they enjoy a meal. When choosing a pet-friendly food place, it is important to consider the type of food you want to eat, the size of your pet, and the atmosphere you prefer. There are several pet-friendly food places in Ahmedabad where you can take your furry friend and enjoy a meal together.

Some pet-friendly food places may have specific rules and regulations, so be sure to check with the establishment before bringing your pet. A few of the dog-friendly food places in Ahmedabad are:

1. Urban Chowk

Urban Chowk is The best open-to-air food park with an amazing ambiance and loads of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options that are just perfect for your evenings. The vibe of the place is just amazing. And, yes, you can bring your dog to this park because it is completely pet-friendly. They even organize dog shows.

Urban chowk dog-friendly place
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Location: Urban Chowk, Bopal
Average Cost: Rs. 500 for one (approx.)
Stalls to Try: Aarya’s Grill, Nachos n’ More, Stick with It, Cheers Parlour, 9834 Food Truck.

2. Carnival Food Park

A decent place to enjoy your food with your friends and of course with your furry friends. You can find various food items from various food stalls at this place that you can enjoy with your friends and family and have a great time.

Carnival food park dog-friendly place
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Location: Carnival Food Park
Average Cost: 400 for one (approx.)
Stalls to Try: Monkey Shoulder’s, Yeda Anna, Chinese Chaska, Krafty Kitchen

3. Vertu The Lounge

Ahmedabad’s trendiest rooftop café, features a mocktail bar, globally influenced food, and a magnificent panoramic view. The cafe has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, making it perfect for a relaxing get-together with your dogs and pets.

vertu the lounge dog-friendly place
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Location: Vertu-the lounge, Thaltej
Average Cost: 1200 for two (approx.)
Food Dishes to Try: Pasta, Pizza, Mexican Sandwich, Coffee

4. Drunch Cafe

One of the city’s trendiest, freshly opened cafes with a charming atmosphere that offers varied seating arrangements and ambiances depending on the kind of seating, such as a couple’s sitting area, a group’s sitting area, and so on. Don’t leave your furry buddies at home because this is a great spot to visit with them and even host a party for them.

drunch dog-friendly place
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Location: Drunch, YMCA Road
Average Cost: 700 for two (approx.)
Food Dishes to Try: Tacos, Mexican Rice Bowl, Maggi

5. Vince Cafe

Last but not least, one of the city’s most trending cafes you can visit with your dog is a cafe that is dedicated to providing a space where pet owners can enjoy a coffee or a meal with their furry friends. The cafe has a modern and stylish decor, making it a great place to spend time with your dogs.

Vince cafe dog-friendly place
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Location: Vince Cafe, Karnavati Club Road
Average Cost: Rs. 450 for two (approx.)
Food Dishes to Try: Coffee Hazelnut, Maggi, Sandwich

6. Momento

A good cafe with relaxing vibes and more than just a place to get a drink or a snack. It’s a welcoming space that invites you to relax and recharge, whether you’re alone with a book and your furry friend or catching up with friends.

Momento  dog-friendly place
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Location: Momento, Thaltej Average
Average Cost: Rs. 500 for two (approx.)
Food Dishes to Try: Pizza, Pasta, Burger, Cheese Pull Apart

7. Ares Cafe

If you’re looking for a cozy and inviting spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious meal with your dogs, look no further. This Cafe offers a unique ambiance that is perfect for catching up with friends or enjoying some much-needed alone time with your furry friends.

Ares cafe dog-friendly cafe
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Location: Ares Cafe, Sindhu Bhavan
Average Cost: Rs. 1000 for two (approx.)
Food Dishes to Try: Manchurian, Paneer Chilli Dry, Cold Coffee, Pasta

Before visiting any of these places, it’s best to call ahead and check their pet policy to ensure a hassle-free experience. Also, it’s important to keep your dog on a leash and well-behaved while in public places. Do suggest to us your favourite dog-friendly food places in Ahmedabad.

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