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Food And Cookery Shows That’ll Leave You Drooling

Dear food lovers, How about a delicate dance of precision of the culinary delights? Isn’t it really satisfying to watch an overhead shot of someone preparing the delightful delicacies? If yes, then you’re wholly obsessed by food! Also, if you’re someone who is fond of the culinary delights and its presentation on a plate then you must watch these food and cookery shows that’ll leave you drooling.These fantastic cooking shows are for those who’re interested in cooking and are certainly the official food fans! It also takes us on a delectable ride of what’s going on in the world related to cooking. This offers an access to some of the basic information related to ingredients, equipment, and several food techniques and recipes too. The setup of these shows along with the impeccable presentation of food is not going to disappoint you. We’re sure that it’ll be worth your time!

1. The Chef Show

Program of culinary delights| The chef show| 2019

An American television cooking show directed by Jon Favreau and Roy Choi is absolutely going to please you. The show is a dash of aspiration for all those who love exploring the culinary delights. The Chef Show is all about the experiments of some of the amazing recipes and techniques, baking, and cooking. The breezy set of kitchen basics in it will absolutely leave you amazed. This gratifying show also explores and collaborates with some bold-face names in the entertainment and culinary world. The cookery show has 2 seasons consisting of 4 volumes and you can enjoy watching this show on Netflix.

2. Chef’s Table – 2015

Food And Cookery Shows That Will Leave You Drooling| Chef's table 2015

Chef’s table is an amusing documentary created by David Gelb. This compulsively-watchable food series is pleasing to watch due to it’s sweeping cinematography, dramatic musical cues, and a seeming access to the world’s fine dining stars. This is one of the best shows for the people who are absolute fans of fine dining. As it provides valuable insights into the major culinary movements that are blooming around the world. This hit documentary series is also about innovative dishes and tantalizing desserts!

3. Master Chef India

Culinary delights tv program| Master chef India
Source: Starplus/ Youtube

Masterchef India is an Indian reality cookery show which consists of 6 seasons. Some of the esteemed judges of the show who proved to be the stars of the shows are renowned chef’s of India i.e Akshay Kumar, Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor, Ranveer Brar, and Vineet Bhatia. It is a competitive cooking show where the contestants from across the country auditions by presenting a dish before the judges followed by the semi-final rounds. Here, they compete in several challenges which test their food knowledge and preparation skills.The winner of the show ultimately is given a prize which includes their own cookery show, the chance to have their own cookbook published. For ex. Nikita Gandhi, who became famous after winning the title of Master chef India season 4. She is now a renowned chef who features interesting experiments with vegetarian food on her socials. She also runs a famous blog named “The Veggie Fix.”

4. How To Cook That – 2011

Food And Cookery Shows That Will Leave You Drooling| How to cook that
Source: How To Cook That/ Youtube

The creator and host of the gratifying show How To Cook That – 2011 is Ann Reardon. It is a website and a you tube baking channel. This amazing food vlogger comes all the way from Sydney with her creative desserts and recipe tutorials to make you crave for the yummy food. If you’re someone who is fond of the tasteful desserts then you must watch this show. As it offers the fantastic video recipes on baking and decorating themed cakes, desserts, chocolate creations and other confectionery. This will undoubtedly leave you drooling for more and more sweets!

5. Khana Khazana

Food shows that will make you hungry| Khana khazana

Khana Khazana is an absolutely amazing Indian cooking show hosted by the celebrated chef Sanjeev Kapoor and was directed by the renowned director Hansal Mehta. He hosted this show for more than 17 years on television. The chef creates magic with the flavorful recipes by amalgamating the traditional and contemporary cooking styles. How interesting no? The show is even more inviting in terms of the preparation of the delightful delicacies. He also gives tips on how to prepare these appetizing dishes. You can watch this tremendous television online on ZEE5.If you’re a food enthusiast or someone who loves eating food then you must watch these food and cookery shows that’ll leave you drooling.

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