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Food Gifts To Gift Your Loved Ones On Valentine’s Day

The season of love is around the corner and we wanna ask you if you all are ready to rock this valentine’s week? Don’t you agree with the fact that no matter how we celebrate but there’s always food which is going to be our top-most priority? Now, do you have any idea about how to impress the ones you adore with food gifts? Or are you confused? Worry not! We’ve got you covered with this as we’ve compiled the list of the food gifts to gift your loved ones on valentine’s day. Count your blessings on this beautiful day while showering some more love in the form of some delectable gifts to your loved ones.

1. The Best Dessert Ever: Cake

food gifts to gift your loved ones this valentines'| Cake

Who’d not like to have a soft, spongy, fluffy, and moist dessert? Yes, you’re right we are talking about the delightful and all-time favorite cakes. Life’s always batter with a cake. Isn’t it? If yes, then rush to your nearest stores now to get a beautiful themed cake for valentines for your beloved ones.

2. Waffle-Y Cute: Waffles

desserts of love| Waffles

Have you ever heard someone saying ‘No’ to a waffle? No na? This is one of the most favorite desserts among everyone. “I like you a wafflelot.” “You are waffl-y cute.” With these cute and cheesy lines, you can gift these waffles or make this at home for the ones you love the most this valentine’s day.

3. Pretty Cakesicles

food gifts to gift your loved ones this valentines'| Cakescicles
Source: Pinterest

How about a fun twist to a traditional cake pop? The chocolate shell surrounding the blend of a cake and its frosting. Sounds delicious no? Surprise your friends or family with these cute and pretty cakesicles which are available in Zaika, Jigna’s Kitchen this valentine’s day.

4. Chocolates

food gifts to gift your loved ones this valentines'| Chocolates

“I like you a choco-lot.” Address your partner, friends or family with a box of heart-shaped chocolates and this cheesy line to surprise them this valentine. If you are over-optimistic about your culinary skills you can definitely try making these chocolates at home. We bet you’ll be hooked by it and there is no looking back from it.

5. Heart-Shaped Pizza

gifts for foodie friends| heart pizza

What could be better than getting the cutest heart-shaped mini pizza for your loved ones? Because whatever you say, pizza is loved by all! It is a very special treat for your friends or family. What are you waiting for then? Go and get these cheesy and delightful pizzas from Pizzagram, Ahmedabad or order one now!

6. Heart-Shaped Cookies

food gifts to gift your loved ones this valentines'| Cookies

Wouldn’t this classic dessert turn into a festive treat fro the valentine’s celebration? Bake some delicious cookies at home or order them for your favourites from the place known as Biskut in Ahmedabad. Rush! and get this melt-in-mouth goodness at home.

7. Lovely macrons

desserts to give to your loved ones| Macrons

Gift a pack of macrons to your dearest ones on this day of love from Little French House and let them admire you more! This french delicate cookie sandwich is everything they will want to have after tasting it.

8. Cards and Crafts

Cards and crafts| Card
Source: Amazon

Handmade cards or crafts on any occasion is forever going to be a beautiful trend. You always have the option of making some cute stuff for your loved ones. We recommend you to make a card or some postcards depicting your love for your partner where the card depicts their love for food! Believe us, handmade stuff is lovable by all as you have poured your true sentiments in it through art!

9. Handmade Love

Show your culinary skills| Handmade things
Source: thechickenwire.chick-fil-a.

Homemade things or food items made with love never goes out of style. This is a perfect chance to amaze your dearest ones with your amazing culinary skills. If you are fond of baking then you can amp up your gifting quotient by making some wonderful desserts. Bake a cake, decorate those cute muffins or make some heart-shaped cookies. However, if you are not good at baking but you love cooking varieties of dishes, then you’re sorted too! You can impress them with a delectable meal or any of their favorite food dishes.We’d love to know what all you gifted on this beautiful day from this list of food gifts to gift your loved ones on valentine’s day.

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