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Foods That You Can Easily Barbeque At Home


Culinary delights| Paneer

How about a plate of tempting paneer tikka? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make it easily at home? This popular Indian appetizer is loved by all and is absolutely fulfilling. Yes, you can make this restaurant style dish at home and enjoy the barbequed and luscious cubes of paneer with some pepper and onion slices.


Smoky culinary delights| Potatoes

Who would not like to relish a plate of barbequed sliced potatoes seasoned with rosemary and garlic marinade? Tempting enough right? Toss these slices in a large vessel with all your favorite seasonings and enjoy the smoky, sweet or spicy potatoes. It will definitely satisfy your hunger pangs at any given time.


Foods That You Can Easily Barbeque At Home| onions
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Make these tender, sweet, and golden grilled onions at home. Your taste buds are going to thank you later after feeding them these juicy and caramelized onions. Serve this as a summer side-dish at your evening party and it will be a huge-hit for sure!


Foods That You Can Easily Barbeque At Home| Mushrooms

Make these delightful barbequed mushrooms at home and set the mood right for a perfect dinner party. Trust us, after eating these delicious food dish even your friends will rave about it! These mushrooms will get all the attention by your guests or the family when tossed into the tasty garlic butter sauce.


Foods That You Can Ea| broccolisily Barbeque At Home

Make some garlic grilled broccoli at home to impress your loved ones. We’re sure that they are going to love this nutty and smoky flavor of broccoli. We also bet that even if your friends are not fond of this nutritious vegetable, they’ll also be enjoying this dish at your home. Therefore, don’t get surprised when they hop onto this appetizing dish at your place as it will make them fall in love with broccoli.

Egg Plant

Foods That You Can Easily Barbeque At Home| eggplant

How about a perfect barbequed eggplant dish tossed in a garlic oil and some herbs? Ain’t your mouth-watering already? These eggplant slices  are tender in the middle with the slightly charred edges. This flavorful dish is absolutely going to top your list after relishing it with all the other grilled vegetables.Which of these food items are you fond of from this list of foods that you can easily barbeque at home?

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