Queso Y Cafe, a newly opened cafe near HL road is a one-stop destination for the people who love to have different cuisines and wish to have them all in one place. Queso means Cheese in Spanish, so the menu has great varieties of cheesy dishes.

Queso Y Cafe, Navrangpura

This cafe is located at Ahmedabad’s one of the most crowded and youthful place.

It has beautifully painted walls with super cool ambience. They have a TV there, just in case you don’t want to miss your favourite tv show or news or a “neck and neck” Cricket Match.

Queso Y Cafe, Navrangpura

The event began with some beverages and a brief introduction session, where all the bloggers shared their experiences with Food Blogging and their journey.

Queso Y Cafe, NavrangpuraQueso Y Cafe, Navrangpura

Then all of them were divided into two teams for “Food Games”. The first game was “The Whisper Challenge” where two people from each team played the game. While one person whispered the words, the other had to guess. PS: This person wore headphones with loud music turned on.

Queso Y Cafe, Navrangpura

The next game was “Food Antakshari” where they had to speak up the name of food dish in 5 seconds. (Tricky Part: The name of the dish must start from the last letter of the name spoken by the previous player)

Queso Y Cafe, Navrangpura Queso Y Cafe, NavrangpuraQueso Y Cafe, Navrangpura

In between games, they were served amazing food dishes and desserts. Then the #HungritoFM5 At Queso Y Cafe concluded and the winners were announced, they were also given goodies by Team Hungrito.