A Must-Visit Burger Festival At Millhouse, Ahmedabad

Millhouse of Ahmedabad has gained among all ages in short time. One of my favorite restaurant from past 8 months, literally I have begun to call it home. A good options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian, as well they have introduced Jain menu which is win-win for all. They have a wide range of healthy selections too – the Vegans drink! The food quality here is always on top notch.

Millhouse, Ahmedabad
Source: Shweta Lakhwani
The Burger Fest is currently happening at Millhouse, Ahmedabad till Oct 6th. If you are a Burger person who loves Burger more than bae, this is something I would highly recommend (though Salim’s Burger is trending, still!). Their Burgers are giant in size, if you are an average appetite foodie, come here starving for 12 hrs. They serve with fries and coleslaw.

What should be your best pick?


1. BBQ Paneer Burger

Grilled malai paneer, buttered onions, fresh coriander topped with tangy sauce. Unique and pleasing to the taste buds.

2. Vegetable Molten Burger

Fresh vegetables in a crisp patty with a gooey cheesy center layered with crunchy cucumber, tomato, and onion with creamy mayo. Tasting great and bringing a vibrant veggie to your plate.
Millhouse, Ahmedabad
Source: Shweta Lakhwani


1. Cuban Sub

16 chicken slices and approx 50-60 grams of chicken chunks – loaded with chickens basically. Die another day!! This is paradise burger for those who love chicken. (If you like pineapple, you can ask for it).

2. Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Bagel

Smoked Salmon and cream cheese with capers smothered on a chewy bagel. The salmon burger was really fresh tasting and cooked just right and it was the best salmon burger I’ve ever experienced lately.
**Not all love salmon, but if you want to try something little creamy and sweet, this should be your pick.
I keep experimenting with new dishes and Millhouse each dish has become their signature dish now. If you are done with the Burger Fest and want to try something different and finger-licking food here and if you are non-vegetarian like me you must try these top 3 scrumptious Chicken Dishes of Millhouse:
Millhouse, Ahmedabad
Source: Shweta Lakhwani

3. Fried Chicken

(I bet you gonna keep coming back for this and ditch KFC forever!) — they’re definitely juicy on the inside and have a nice crunch outside.

4. Twice Cooked Asian Spiced Roast Chicken

Another signature dish! This will take appx 30 mins to get ready but the wait gonna be worth!

5. Coffee Tamarind Chicken Wings

Coffee and kickoffs, this dish is heaven!!  Did you know that if you marinate chicken wings in coffee before baking them, you’ll get a new and delicious flavor?? This type of seasoning is called rub and used when making meat like barbecues and it’s perfect if you love coffee. Coffee gives the chicken wings an intense, mysterious, smoked and earthy flavor.  And Tamarind is a wonderful ingredient that gives dishes a slightly sweet-tart flavor.A vegetarian dishes with a twist of adventure in the kitchen. If you’re passionate about healthy eating and you are a vegetarian, these mouthwatering meals are just for you.

1. Gooey Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms

Grilled fresh mushrooms stuffed with garlic spinach, hazelnut crumbs, and cheese. Many people don’t like mushrooms because of its unique spongy texture, but stuffing them with fresh ingredients and grilling these mushrooms make them a great appetizer dish that is sure to convert any skeptic.

2. Roasted Peppers and Thin Crust Pizza

Prepared using in-house marinara sauce, roasted bell peppers and sweet onions, smoked mozzarella and basil. Bakes to a perfect crispiness. But perhaps even more than a good crust, I think the secret to a fantastic pizza is cranking your oven as high as it will go.

3. The Penag Bowl

Malaysia special – Soy pepper paneer, coconut chili rice, and vegetables in a fragrant coconut green onion sauce.

Best Shakes To Pick

Delicious food dishes| Beverages
Source: Shweta Lakhwani

1. Green Smoothie

You can never go wrong with greens. A simple combination of fresh leafy greens, flavorful fruit, and a liquid base is all it takes! Simple Green Smoothies is packed with simple + healthy smoothie recipes to transform your body from the inside out.

2. Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea from scratch that’s naturally sweetened, vanilla-infused, and perfectly creamy thanks to coconut milk!

3. Almond Coconut Frappe

I almost couldn’t believe they serve vegan drinks. The Almond Coconut Frappe here is the best thing you can ask for.

For the sweet tooth angel love, Affogatto here is something you shouldn’t miss. I lost count on how many times I have dropped by Millhouse just to dig on a big bowl of an Italian fusion of AFFOGATTO — Chocolate brownie, chocolate, and hazelnut ice creams, berry compote, dark & white chocolate fudge, marshmallows & a shot of strong Arabica coffee.
Good food| Almond coconut frappe
Source: Shweta Lakhwani
Another big hit Millhouse Sundae at Millhouse, Ahmedabad is DRUNKEN WAFFLE – Hot Deli Waffles, very strawberry ice cream and pista ice cream, salted peanuts, oreo crumbs, fresh cream, and chocolate sauce. Also, did I mention their in-house ice creams are one of the best you can get in Ahmedabad, superior (sweet) creamy taste that you can’t say no?Upload your bill on Dineout app and get 20% cashback up-to INR 100 Dineout earnings.
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