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Different Types Of Sauces and What To Eat Them With

Hello, food fans! Do you like something that is creamy, sweet, flavourful, deliciously rich in texture, wonderfully fragrant, or spicy? Already tempted to relish it or what? Wouldn’t food be boring, if it weren’t for these sauces? If yes, then read this blog to know more about different types of sauces and what to eat them with.  The sauce adds juiciness and texture to our food. It balances the flavours from all the components of the dish and is visually appealing too. We usually have a habit of adding sauce to everything.

1. Tomato Ketchup

different types of sauces and what to eat with them|Tomato sauce

Do you like your pasta dish to look red hot? Then tomato sauce is here for the rescue. It is a hugely versatile ingredient which is mostly preferred by every age group. This rich and creamy red coloured sauce is flavourful which may add a perfect flavour to any of your bland dish or a food item. It also adds a pleasant, last-minute jolt to any of the finished recipes. Tomato sauce is a nostalgic feeling altogether as we have been consuming it since childhood. Add this tangy and creamy sauce to your favourite pizzas, toss it with your favourite pasta dishes, stuff it into the bell peppers, dip your sandwiches into it, or relish some hot lasagne with it.

2. Barbeque Sauce

different types of sauces and what to eat with them| Barbeque sauce

Are you fond of eating vegetables and want to add a little extra flavour to it? Then Barbeque sauce can become one of your best friends. It is a distinct way to grill all your healthy veggies and also helps in marinating the food items. It will make you wonder that you can incorporate this sauce in every meal of yours. You can make a salad dressing or top the hot dogs with this highly flavoured and red hot sauce. It also helps you to upgrade your simple potato salad and make your bland spaghetti or pizza more delicious. A spin of this on nachos or snacks can taste wonders.

3. Hot Sauce

different types of sauces and what to eat with them| Hot sauce

Are you a person who is fond of spicy food? Or do you prefer your food which is reddish hot or mildly hot in flavour? If yes, then hot sauce can be a perfect companion while you devour your meals. Hot sauce is also known as chilli sauce. It has a thicker texture and comes in sweeter, milder, or spicy varieties. Make a dip for your favourite snacks or add a bit of this sauce to your burger to make it more exciting. You can also caramelize the onions with this wonderfully fragrant sauce and make a spicy or sweeter salad dressing out of it. Spread it on your favourite sandwiches and swirl it into the soup to make it creamier.

4. Marinara Sauce

various types of sauces| Marinara sauce

Marinara sauce is a tomato sauce with a twist. It has an addition of capers, olives, and spices. This is one of the most popular sauces of Italian-American cuisine. The rich, tangy and creamy, and lively tomato flavour makes you crave for more of it with your desired food items. Add a teaspoonful of marinara sauce to the creamy tomato soup or make a cheesy baked rice casserole on a winter day. Make some homemade burritos or tacos with the sauce for dinner. And don’t forget to toss it into your top favourite spaghetti or pasta.

5. Pesto Sauce

sauces and food items eaten with them| Pesto sauce

Feeling blue this morning? Then add colour to your meals by adding some pesto sauce to make it green and bright. There are certain interesting health benefits of pesto as it also contains numerous antioxidants. It can be a beautiful addition to different types of appetizers. You can make a good creamy salad dressing out of it and garnish your favourite veggies, pasta with pesto sauce. Filling or spreading it on to your sandwich and topping it on the pizza would absolutely make you drool. Mix it into rice, pasta salads, mashed potatoes, or risotto to add a tremendous flavour.

6. Schezwan Sauce

food items to eat with a particular sauce| Schezwan sauce

Do you prefer your meals highly flavoured but extra spicy? Schezwan sauce can add the perfect spice, red hot creaminess to your food as it has bold flavours. This is an Indo-Chinese fusion which is made from dry red chillies, garlic, and spices. It is the best treat for spicy food lovers. You can eat this sauce with simple roti, mix it in your noodles, and add it to the Indian dosa to make it more tempting. Drizzle it on the mashed potatoes or a salad to see a visual delight. Schezwan sauce can be best relished in a vada pav or potato fingers to make it tastier. You will definitely want to have more of it after relishing the saucy burger. Schezwan sauce added to any of the classic Indian dishes can transform it into a tasteful Chinese dish.

7. White Sauce

what to eat with different sauces| White sauce

White Sauce, also popular as cheese sauce is juicy and adds a completely different flavor to the dish. Are you bored of all the regular tangy flavored sauces and are looking to try something new? Then, this silky, smooth, and aromatic white sauce can come to your rescue. It can be used in a variety of dishes and is dangerously addictive! Toss any kind of pasta into the white sauce and relish the alluring dish called white sauce pasta. Dip your favorite snacks into the sauce and drizzle the sauce onto your veggie stir fry to have a perfect gastronomical experience. You can also make the topping of your lasagna with this rich and creamy sauce.Enlighten us about your sauce preference and tell us which tops your list from these different types of sauces and what to eat them with.

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