When life seems boring, add a flavour of cheese to it and when someone says- Oh, That’s junk and makes you fat, RUN AWAY QUICKLY because you don’t need that kind of negativity around you!

Hello, wassup, Kem Cho, foodies? So let’s discuss something exciting today, like… cheese? Oh yeah! I am sure all you foodies could relate one thing in with each other and that’s the love of cheese and some extra cheese. After all, any cuisine that is not cheesy is uhh, so Blah!

So here we shortlisted a few yumazing seriously cheesy dishes in Ahmedabad that are sure to give your taste buds the right kind of satisfaction for the love of cheese:

1. Cheese Fondue

Location: We Desi (Formerly Saveur 360), Prahlad Nagar

This place is a romantic destination for couples with dim lights and light background music adding beauty to the ambience of the place.

Cheesy Dishes In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

Talking about cheesy-licious dishes, this place has one of the best cheese fondues in the town and I can totally vouch for it. Steaming hot melted cheese served in a pot over portable stove alongside bread pieces and sautéed veggies give you a finger licking experience.

2.Tuscan Cheeseballs

Location: Bambooza, Bodakdev

Bambooza is one amazing multi-cuisine restaurant in Bodakdev perfect to dine out with your family, friends or well your date! Providing different options from outdoor, indoor to even gazebo seating it has a fun and quirky ambience with good background music.

Cheesy Dishes In Ahmedabad
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Coming to the menu, I personally have tried a lot many dishes but one dish that is my constant favourite has to be the cheesy-licious “Tuscan Cheese Balls”. The best part about this place and its food is the presentation that itself gives your buds the right cravings. 

3. Cheesy-7 Pizza

Location: La Pino’z, Bodakdev

So it’s a small place with limited seating options and crowded as hell, especially because of it’s BOGO offer every Friday of the week. I’d recommend you to enjoy the Pizza with a takeaway or delivery option for your next house party, foodies!

Cheesy Dishes In Ahmedabad
Source: @thefoodiefreaks

The cheesy-7 pizza is the speciality of this place that stands true to it’s name with seven varieties of cheese loaded in this one. If there’s any kind of pizza in the city to beat the cheese burst of dominos, it is hands down the cheesy-7 of La Pino’z. Comes in various sizes from small, medium, large and giant to the largest one being the Monster which is a 24” pizza. *yummy in tummy*


4.Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup

Location: Pepperazzi- The Diner, Prahladnagar

The red and quirky ambience of Pepperazzi drives every Amdavadi to visit it at least once.

Cheesy Dishes In Ahmedabad
Source: @blissful.feasts

Again, let me tell you the most special soup of this place- The Broccoli cheese cheddar soup! The name is enough for all you broccoli and cheese lovers, right? It is served hot in a bread bowl with the right kind of spices making it a must-have soup. 

5. Pizza Cone

Location: Gwalia Baklawa (earlier known as Oasis Baklawa), Bodakdev

Well, Gwalia Baklawa is like a departmental store for all the foodies *wink* of course in a metaphorical way. Providing you numerous varieties of drinks, desserts, chocolates, sweets to oh-so fancy looking Pizza cones, it just is your perfect one-stop destination for satisfying cheese cravings at a very reasonable price.

Cheesy Dishes In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

Their cheesylicious pizza cones are the talk of the town. From the right kind of baking of the cone to the quality and quantity of cheese, veggies and spices, everything is like a cherry on the cake for those broke days of the month. *delicious*

6.Cheese Burst

Location: Mango, Bodakdev

What impressed me the most about this place is undeniably it’s ambience. The formal indoor seating is I’d say perfect for family get together while for couples they have unique outdoor seating which adds to the charm of a romantic candle light dinner.

Cheesy Dishes In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

One of the must “to-order” starters from their menu is the rare cheese burst. Instead of the usual deep fried cheese balls, this one’s a roasted dish served with sautéed vegetables. Just wait until you put that first bite in your mouth for the experience of the divine and lip-smacking bursts of cheese.

I am sure after this post, all you cheese lovers would be yearning for it, just like I am while writing. So what are you waiting for guys? And yes, don’t forget to let us know in the comments about your experience. Until next time, toodles!


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