Poutine in Ahmedabad

Cafes Serving Yumilicious Poutine In Ahmedabad

Exercise…Did you just say extra fries?” — a heartfelt conversation between mind and the body of every foodie!Hello, wassup, Kem chho Ahmedabad! Well, for as long as I can remember, fries have been my constant favourite snack and I am not just talking of the fries at the very famous chain such as those of McD but even the basic homemade ones that are tossed in salt and black pepper are a treat for everyone irrespective of the age. Even when served as a sider with a sizzler or burger, everybody tries to first grab their favourite fries and stuff a handful of them in the mouth, isn’t it?Well, Poutine has indeed become a new routine. Served and tossed in finest dressing with the customized sauces, who just needs a Fri-day to hog on the fries? These very cool cafes serve the most yummilicious fries and it pretty much becomes confusing to choose from their wide range of menu. So, satisfy your taste buds when hunger pangs strike a bit too much.

1. Cafe Nifoo

They serve fries in conical throwaway containers and this one is the Cheesy popper fries. Now isn’t that a finger-licking dish? I bet it is.

2. Dhadoom

They specialize in serving over 45 variety of poutine as well as Jain fries. Now that’s a place for all Jain foodies to get their cravings fulfilled. With so many options to choose from, my vote definitely goes to the fries that not just sound but also taste super delicious – The Pav Bhaji Fries.

3. Bogarosa

Poutine In Ahmedabad
Zomato: Yatrick Pandya

Serving poutine in bucket containers, the fries here are extremely crispy and the one in the frame is Four Cheese Masala Fries.

4. Truffle-The Cafe

In the Frame- Chilli cheese onion crinkle cut: A peculiar kind of poutine but very crisply fried and grated with extra cheese, these taste so divine.

5. Ristretto – Behind The Rods

Loads of cheese melting and oozing out with every bite pulled out of the plate, Maska masala cheese fries are a must try at this café. Sprinkled spices take the overall taste to another level. Full marks for the presentation and taste as well.

6. The VJ Cafe

This was an interesting twist to fries which otherwise tend to get soggy with sauces loaded in it. Maggi makes the taste crunchier and yummy, so don’t forget to grab these when at the VJ Cafe.

7. The Dark Roast

Poutine In Ahmedabad
Zomato: Deep

Try out their TDR special fries. Tossed in thousand island sauce and topped with spring onion and herbs, these are super crisp and yum.

8. Nini’s Kitchen

Poutine In Ahmedabad
Zomato: Mahima Iyer

Never underestimate the last item to be the least worthy of em all, at least this one’s not! The BBQ fries are one of the best from the list because they are served in one of the finest dressing containing mayo sauce, tomato, and spring onion. #YummyInTummySo peeps, this is it from our side but we are always eager to know the taste of our readers and so, shoot a comment below stating which are your favourite places to drop by at for satisfying major cravings for poutine in Ahmedabad. Keep showering your love and keep hogging good food for good life.Mini Choudhary is a big time foodie and a fashion blogger. Follow here for more discoveries: @munchtoomunch