A lot of people have a sweet tooth and I’ve got it too, so I thought why not to share Ahmedabad’s top dessert places with you all. So if you’re a bit stressed then get reversed and indulge in these best desserts from Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad’s Top Dessert Places

1. Mocha, Bodakdev

Well, this place is like a ‘Jannat’ for dessert lovers. Chocolate Avalanche is my favourite over here. For people who love chocolate, this one is a must.

Ahmedabad's Top Dessert Places : Chocolate Avalanche / Mocha Cafe
Source: Pratik

2. The Chocolate Room, Prahladnagar

This place serves the best Chocolate Fondue ever. I can’t resist this dessert from The Chocolate Room. All fondue lovers, a must try for you people!

Ahmedabad's Top Dessert Places : Chocolate Fondue / The Chocolate Room
Source: Mrunalini Gonsai

3. Cocoa Drama, Vastrapur

This tiny cute place is filled with a lot of surprises. My favorite over here is the Red Velvet Cheese Cake and The Banana Chocolate Loaf. You definitely can’t miss out on this one!

Ahmedabad's top Dessert Places : Red Velvet Cake / Cocoa Drama
Source: Jill Patel

4. Unlocked Cafe, Navrangpura

This newly opened cafe is the talk of the town. They have a unique concept of gaming so that you can hog on your food for hours and play games at the same time. I loved the Chocolate Waffles with Chocolate Syrup over here. It’s a must have at Unlocked.

Ahmedabad's top Dessert Places : Chocolate Waffles with Chocolate Syrup / Unlocked Cafe
Source: Nidhi Vyas;

5. Desserts N’ Shakes, Vijay Cross Roads

Popularly known as D n S, This is an amazing new place in Ahmedabad that is known for serving different varieties of desserts. And the best thing about them is that all of their products are 100% natural without artificial color, flavor and preservatives. The chocolate brownie thick shake here is absolutely worth a try.

DnS| Shakes| Dessert| Chocolate| Dessert places| Ahmedabad
Source: Hungrito

6. Le Artisan Boulangerie, Bodakdev

This place has an exquisite ambience and are serving amazing delicacies from around the world. The place has elegant vibes and each of the desserts available there are delicious in their own ways.

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Le Artisan| Shakes| Dessert| Chocolate| Dessert places| Ahmedabad
Source: LeArtisanBoulangerie

7. London Bubble Co, Bodakdev

Again a new and trending variety for Ahmedabad, they serve desserts that are in the form of crunchy bases with popping bubbly structures. Their desserts include bubbly waffles, sundaes and pancakes.

Dessert| Shakes| Dessert| Chocolate| Dessert places| Ahmedabad
Source: @what_ahmedabad_eats

8. The Pancake Story, Bodakdev

They serve delicious pancakes and other desserts including waffles, shakes and crepes. Their mini pancakes available in different flavors are an absolute must try. The garnish the pancakes with sweet toppings.

Thepancakestory| Shakes| Dessert| Chocolate| Dessert places| Ahmedabad
Source: @Hungrito

9. Giani Ice Cream, Bodakdev

This place is your perfect resort to find amazing ice cream flavors. You will surely find almost all the natural fruit flavored ice-creams.

Giani|icecream| Dessert| Chocolate| Dessert places| Ahmedabad
Source: @happyfoodhoggers

So that’s it. For all the people having a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on these places. Have a good time. Happy eating! Tell us, which of these place is your favorite from this list of Ahmedabad’s top dessert places.

The guest author, Mrunalini Gonsai is known as The Hungry Insaan. Check out her Instagram to follow her food exploration: @thehungryinsaan



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