Ahmedabad’s Top Dessert Places To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

The first bite of our favorite dessert, and we go like, ‘Mogambo Khush Hua”. Yeh toh hum sabki kahaani hai, hai na?A lot of people experience sweet tooth and we’re already craving a gooey dessert dish, so we thought why not share Ahmedabad’s top dessert places with you all?

Ahmedabad’s Top Dessert Places For Your Sweet Tooth

So if you’re a bit distressed, let’s reverse your mood because stressed spelled backwards is – desserts. Here is a list of the best dessert places in Ahmedabad that every dessert lover must try!

1. Mocha

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Well, this place is like a ‘Jannat’ for dessert lovers. Chocolate Avalanche is our favorite over here. Yeh nahi khaaya toh kya khaaya?

It is a wholesome treat for anyone and everyone who worships chocolate. It is a delectable mixture of brownies, ice cream, topped with piping hot chocolate sauce. Your cravings for chocolate-flavored dishes will surely end here.Price for two: 1200/- Location: Multiple Outlets In AhmedabadMust-try Dishes: Chocolate Avalanche, Cheesecake Brownie

2. The Chocolate Room

chocolate room
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Owning the name itself, this is heaven for every chocolate lover. The authentic taste of chocolate desserts can be found here.Every dish will get you licking your fingers in the end. Also, this place serves the Milk Chocolate Fondue ever. We can’t resist this dessert from The Chocolate Room. All fondue lovers, a must-try for you people!Price for two: 700/- Location: Multiple Outlets In AhmedabadMust-try Dishes: Milk Chocolate Fondue, Choco Brownie Bomb

3. Cocoa Drama

best cheesecakes in ahmedabad | Blueberry
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This quaint cute dessert cafe is filled with a lot of surprises. The ambiance of the cafe is calm and soothing. Every dish they serve is unique and delectable.The place is known for its Blueberry Cheesecake, it is unmissable trust us. Blueberry Cheesecake is drizzled with blueberry sauce, and crumbs of blueberries. The biscuit base of the cake enhances its taste even more. Dig in with your forks and devour most of them.Price for two: 350/- Location: Vastrapur, AhmedabadMust-try Dishes: Blueberry Cheesecake, Nuttela Cupcake

4. Huber And Holly

huber and holly
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Looking out for authentic unique dessert dishes? Huber And Holly must be your go-to place. You will find the best desserts in Ahmedabad at this place. It is infamous for bringing unique desserts like Mighty Midas, and Unicorn Cone.They make the customers go for a delicious joyride. The place serves extremely delicious Truffle Oh. The luscious Dark chocolate bomb is served with nutty praline and topped with gold drizzle. It is a fulfilling dessert dish; enough to satisfy your cravings.Price for two: 600/- Location: Multiple Outlets In AhmedabadMust-try Dishes: Truffle Oh, Mighty Midas

5. Melt In

melt in

Who brought the tempting Gelatos to Ahmedabad? The OG Melt In. Having Gelato is a whole new experience.Melt in the creamy texture of Melt In’s Brownie Fudge Gelato. It tastes like dark chocolate and has a brownie texture to it. This is the best on the menu, taste it today.Price for two: 300/- Location: Bodakdev, AhmedabadMust-try Dishes: Brownie Fudge Gelato, Oreo Gelato

6.  Moi – The Dessert Studio

Source: Instagram/moithedessertstudioahmedabad

This is a dessert shop with an aesthetic ambiance in the town. Okay, which are the cutest dessert dishes? Macarons!!!They come in such cute colors and look truly appetizing. You’d savor every bite you take of this tiny little dessert. Moi serves tempting macarons that are filled with cream and have a smooth feel.Price for two: 300/- Location: Bodakdev, AhmedabadMust-try Dishes: Macarons, New York Cheesecake

7. Hoglatto

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Hoglatto is one of the best dessert shops in Ahmedabad serving trending desserts. If you are fond of taking pictures, Hoglatto has Insta-perfect desserts like cakes, gelato, sorbets and more!Price for two: 400/- Location: Vastrapur, AhmedabadMust-try Dishes: New York Cheesecake

8. The Pancake Story

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They serve delicious pancakes and other desserts including waffles, shakes, and crepes. Their mini pancakes are available in different flavors and are an absolute must-try.The Chocolate Therapy Pancake is surely therapeutic for your dessert soul. It is appetizing and indulgent.Price for two: 500/- Location: Bodakdev, AhmedabadMust-try Dishes: Chocolate Therapy Pancakes, Oreo Obsession Pancakes

9. Buttercupp

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Known for its yummy cupcakes, Buttercupp is a heavenly place for dessert lovers and one of the best places for desserts in Ahmedabad.Their unique cupcake flavors are here to entice you. The first bite will lure to order even more, and lose in its creamy nature. The Red Velvet Cupcake is the best among the lot. It is topped with whipped cream and tastes like authentic red velvet. The velvety quality of the cupcake tempts the taste buds always.Price for two: 300/- Location: Vastrapur, AhmedabadMust-try Dishes: Double Dip Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake

10. Get Desserted

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Are you looking for the perfect brownie in Ahmedabad? Get Desserted is here to serve you with the best. Their brownies are delicious, and every Amdavadi savours it.The Nutella Brownie is drizzled with dollops of chocolate sauce. It has the bittersweet taste of brownie and an aromatic smell. Craving Brownies? Say no more, visit Get Desserted.Price for two: 300/- Location: Bodakdev, AhmedabadMust-try Dishes: Nutella brownie, Choco Fudge BrownieSo that’s it. For all the people having a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on these wonderful dessert places. Have a good time. Happy eating! Tell us, which of these places are you visiting this World Dessert Day?  

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