Eat Pasta and Run Fasta

Hello, wassup, Kem chho foodies in Ahmedabad! How have you guys been? Well, the weekend is here and we hope you guys have chalked out your plans by now and if not, then you know you have us at your service. Planning a Saturday dinner or Sunday brunch with buddies and still not decided which place to explore?

Well, here we have shortlisted few places which serve really the best and oh-so-yummy Pasta in Ahmedabad that’ll leave you confused. But not to fret, we also have highlighted the best variety available at the respective location for you to make an easy choice *Ta Da!*

1. Unlocked, Navrangpura

If you haven’t visited this café already, I’d say you are missing out on something really lavish, both in terms of ambience and delicious food. The interiors of this place are drool-worthy. From the cushions, couches to the artistically done walls and roofs it guarantees a quirky and fun experience to its visitors.

pasta in Ahmedabad
Source: Riddhi Jhala

If you plan to visit this café anytime soon, I’d recommend you to try their Cheesy arrabbiata Pasta served with garlic bread and priced at Rs. 250/-. What I absolutely love about the food here is the presentation, I’d give full marks for it and of course, the taste. *tongue out*

2. Turquoise Villa, IIM Road

Another very cool café of Ahmedabad with both outdoor and indoor seating options provides you with a fine experience. With options to read good books, you can spend quality time with bae reading, chatting and hogging.

The hanged bulbs add to the ambience of this place providing an orange-ish overall lighting. Not to forget, their menu is like a cosmo-newspaper mentioning your relationship status as hungry *wink*. Now that’s relatable, right?

pasta in ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

One of their best chef dishes is my all-time favourite Cheesy fettuccini priced at Rs. 340/- served with a bread loaf. Well, how cheesy and delicious it is that even the thought of it sounds *mouth watering*.

3. Cafe Baraco, Navrangpura

Café Baraco is also quite popular for its fun interiors and ambience with options of both indoor and outdoor seating. It is literally one of those places that greed you into trying every cuisine of theirs.


pasta in ahmedabad
Source: Mini Choudhary

One of the recommended kinds of pasta to try at Café Baraco is Love Bite Pasta. It is priced at Rs. 250/- and is served with garlic bread dressing. Scrumptious and cooked absolutely delectable for the taste buds, this place won’t disappoint you at all.

5. Zero Gravity Cafe & Restro, Commerce Six Road

Indulge yourselves into playing fun indoor games and board games at this newly opened café. Seriously, this place has your evening sorted with friends, especially on the weekends. The kind of seating with bean bags to outdoor seating and live performance along with unplugged music playing in the background, it gives you a great experience on your visit.

pasta in ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

Fusilli Pasta is oh, so yum, you guys! It is priced at Rs. 250 and tossed in bell peppers, alfredo sauce and is served with buttered bread toasts. *so cheesy, it’s uncontrollable*

6. Cafe Scrabble, Bodakdev

Did you also love playing Scrabble with friends or family back during the childhood days? If yes, go get a throwback experience with this café aptly named so. With a lot of options from their drinks, different kinds of pasta to waffles, you can literally dive into a great evening experience.

pasta in ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

One of the most delicious penne pasta is the mixed sauce (tossed in both Arrabiata and Alfredo), so ditch the confusion and order this that has an exquisite taste of flavour. It is served with buttered bread slices and priced at Rs. 279/-

7. Cafe Alfresco, Navrangpura

The last one on our list but certainly not counted as the least, café alfresco is perfect for your Sunday brunch plans with friends. With numerous options in appetizing cuisines, they have everything to make your visit more than satisfactory and worthy.

pasta in ahmedabad
Source: Mini Choudhary

If like me, you too love experimenting different types of pasta and move over the usual and most ordered arrabbiata or alfresco, then I’d recommend you to try the yummy Creamy Pesto Basilio Pasta at this place. It’s priced at Rs. 270/- and tossed in the most tempting basil sauce and olives.

So we hope we gave you good enough reasons to go hog on this nummy pasta in Ahmedabad. And oh, did we miss out on your favourite location that also serves delicious pasta? Then do let us know in the comments below- Afterall, any food information exchanged is always worth it. LOL! Pasta la vista, baby! *evil laugh*




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