6 Places For Outdoor Dining In Ahmedabad

Who wouldn’t like to have a meal with a view? How about a fascinating winter evening with some warm food and a view? Or a brunch with a view on a beautiful sunny day? This would absolutely set your mood right. An outdoor eatery or a café is a different vibe altogether. We believe that it is a match made in heaven. Therefore, we have enumerated 6 places for outdoor dining in Ahmedabad for you. Below stated are the places which are famous for its wonderful ambience and wide range of interesting food items.

Makeba The Lounge Café

6 places for outdoor dining in Ahmedabad| Makeba the lounge cafe
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Makeba The Lounge Café is in Vastrapur. This is a beautiful place that offers a canvas of great ambience with a rooftop view. You can also celebrate and organize your special events in this breath-taking venue. It is popular for its good quality food and great service. The café serves different cuisines such as North Indian and Italian.
Must-try Food Items – Kit Kat Shake, Hot Chocolate, Spaghetti Pasta, Hot Pot, Mexican Rice.

The Project Café

6 places for outdoor dining in Ahmedabad| The project cafe
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The Project Café is a quirky little café in the yellow house, Nehrunagar. It is a unique café having an interesting menu with some wide varieties of delicious food items to choose from. Their prompt service, pleasant ambience, and art theme based interiors are some of the highlights of the eatery. The café has to offer two cuisines such as Italian and Continental.
Must-try Food Items – Blueberry Cheesecake, Mexican Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Lasagne, Hot Chocolate, Pizza.

Zen Café

6 places for outdoor dining in Ahmedabad| Zen cafe
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Zen Café lies in Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus, Navrangpura. This open-air ambience café surrounded by nature makes you feel liberated. The spacious and peaceful place can set your mood right. Its coffee would taste even better with your loved ones with a decent and cosy atmosphere. The eatery also serves interesting mocktail drinks and good quality food. Zen cafe is a different vibe altogether and is a must-visit for those who love to be around nature.
Must-try Food Items – Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache, Ice Tea, Nachos, Mediterranean Pizza, Tea.

Mocha Bodakdev

various outdoor eateries in Ahmedabad| Mocha
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Mocha is in Bodakdev. The café is popular for its unparalleled range of food and drinks. It’s the excellent and pleasant ambience and the unique way of presenting the food platter are the highlights of this eatery. It offers multiple cuisines such as Italian, North Indian, and Fast Food. The relaxing and welcoming atmosphere would always encourage you to spend some more time in the café. It is also a must-visit cafe for people who are fascinated by varieties of mocktail drinks.
Must-try Food Items – Kiwi Mojito, Berry Blast, Dessert Counter, Lava Lava, Sharing Platter, Chocolate Avalanche.

Garden Café

outdoor cafes/restaurants| The garden cafe
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Garden café is in Hotel Fern. The eatery serves North Indian and South Indian food. You can absolutely have a gastronomical experience with its amazing varieties of extraordinary food. The café is popular in many aspects such as good hospitality, themed décor, buffet lunch, and a beautiful ambience.
Must-try Food Items – Cheesy Cigar Rolls, Diwani Handi, Dal Makhani, Dahi Puri.


Outdoor places in ahmedabad for meals| @mango
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@Mango is in Bodakdev. The highlights of this place are its music and wonderful presentation of food dishes. It’s a great place to spend a romantic evening with your partner and relish food delights. The café has an amazingly done infrastructure which is spacious. It also has a mesmerizing outdoor ambience.
Must-try Food Items – Papad Platter, Mojito, Ratatouille Cigars, Manchow Soup, Masala Papad, Margarite Brick Pizza.

Tell us how you liked your meal with a view! Also, enlighten us about your favourite cafe from these 6 places for outdoor dining in Ahmedabad.

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