Artificial Sweeteners, Its Consumption and Diabetics!

When you live with diabetes, it becomes extremely difficult to stay away from attractive desserts at the end of a fancy meal. Be it a thick shake, a smoothie, cakes and ice creams or those sugar dipped jalebis, all of it is here to mess up your blood sugar levels.Although there exist certain savory desserts, there is nothing that can beat a sweet dessert.To keep sugar consumption under check, artificial sweeteners have taken up its roll. On one hand, it is said to increase the risk of cancer. On the other hand, health authorities recommend them to help reduce blood sugar level and lose weight as well.

Artificial Sweeteners and Diabetics
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What exactly are artificial sweeteners?

They are also known as sugar substitutes. Artificial sweeteners are chemicals that help to make food and beverages sweet.However, they do contain calories. The amount required to sweeten the food item is very low. So, the amount of calories consumed is very less comparatively.

Artificial sweeteners and diabetes:

Artificial Sweeteners and Diabetics
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It is beneficial for diabetics to choose artificial sweeteners over regular ones. They provide the pleasure of sweetness without raising blood sugar levels.Some study reports show that drinking diet soda may increase the chances of developing diabetes. But, it only proves that people who are likely to develop type 2 diabetes are more prone to diet soda consumption.Although, the current observations and studies don’t prove anything. It is certainly in favor of the usage of artificial sweeteners for diabetics.

Headache and depression due to artificial sweeteners:

Usage of excess artificial sweeteners may cause certain side effects like headache, depression, and seizures. It certainly depends upon the quantity of consumption and the individual.For example, mood disorders in any individual and consumption of artificial sweeteners go together. The people with excess mood swings might likely ensure to have symptoms of depression.

Safety and side effects:

Artificial sweeteners are most likely considered safe for human consumption.In spite of being performing test regularly, some individuals still avoid the consumption of it. The use of artificial sweeteners pose few risks, but a controlled usage may benefit an individual in various ways. Amongst them, weight loss, blood sugar control, and dental health are a few.So, if you’d like to start using one, make sure to consult a doctor.

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