A cup of tea, early in the morning keeps you healthy and fresh. But, there are a wide variety of teas available in the market. The teas are of different types depending upon the benefits and tastes. And I know, it is very confusing to decide among the available types of tea and their importance.

So, basically let us start with the two categories under which all the types of tea falls.

True tea and herbal tea

Herbal teas aren’t actually real teas, but infusions. They are also known as flavorful teas, as they are infusions of various herbs and roots in hot water. Whereas, True tea or Real tea is prepared using leaves from the tea plant. The name of the plant is Camilla Sinensis. The only available true teas are green tea, white tea, Oolong tea and Black tea.

The leaves of teas contain naturally occurring caffeine. White teas have the lowest caffeine content. The caffeine content in a cup of tea depends upon the preparation of the same.

Here, are the top four types of teas.

1White tea

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The tea that goes through least processing and with a simple manufacturing process, White tea is basically sun-dried tea leaves. There are two popular varieties of white tea. Silver Needle are buds of the tea plant, whereas White Peony is a combination of both buds and leaves.

Taste: The white tea is naturally sweet and has a round flavor. It is a good choice for individuals who prefer mild tea.

Importance: White tea helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also the risk of cancer.