Taste of Tradition : 8 Pure Veg Restaurants You Must Visit During Navratri 2023

Burgers, Pizzas and Fries. Mexican, Chinese and Punjabi. Yes, we often look forward to choosing a type of cuisine or dish which we usually don’t eat at home, when we eat out. However, Navratri is a call for celebration of the lavishly graced upon food of Gujarat.

Tighten up your Ghaghra, wear your best makeup and get ready to groove in this Navratri with a dinner date which will only include taste of home. Yes, go be Gujarati after all with these pure veg restaurants during Navratri to have a gastronomic food experience.

Savour The Essence of Navratri : Pure Veg Gujarati Restaurants To Visit During Navratri


The House of MG, gives you all those things, an authentic Gujarati cuisine needs. Along with good ambience and a seating at the terrace, a lovely plate filled with various food items is also served with all the affection you could ask for. Apart, from the food and the place, you’d be awe-struck by the sincere hospitality.

An image of Agashiye - The House of MG's Gujarati Thali served in several dishes, jars, glasses and bowls including a wide variety of Gujarati food.
Source : The House of MG

Cost For Two : ₹1,900

Location : Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad


Gather up Gujarati favourites and put them all on a plate. Well, that is what you get here with a touch of rich exposure to Gujarati cuisine. With their overwhelming approach towards the ambience, this one is a must-visit place during Navratri, for a Gujju as well as a non-Gujju individual.

Lightly gathered up with performances and natural outdoor seating, this place is a delight in winters. Also, a family get together here, would be ethereal.

An image of Gujarati Thali of Rajwaadu served in 3 Thalis and plenty of small bowla from snacks to dessert.
Source : Google/Mayank Kaloliya

Cost for Two : ₹1,300

Location : Vejalpur, Ahmedabad


With a village themed ambience, Vishalla’s iconic Gujarati Thali served on leaf is a must try during Navratri. They create the perfect authentic vibe with traditional Garba performances.  

Village theme is complemented with mud floors, wooden tables, bamboo walls and leaf plates. So whether you want insta-worthy pics, a family-centric experience or authentic Gujarati experience; Vishalla is the ideal place.

Image of Vishalla's Gujarati Thali served on a huge leaf and several bowls and glasses.
Source : Google/currylines

Cost for two : ₹1700

Location : Vasna, Ahmedabad

Toran Dining Hall

In search for a peaceful place while you relish the taste of Gujarat? Toran dining hall is the answer with warm food and ambience. 

Views over the garden are the defining feature of Toran setting it apart from all the restaurants in the list. 

Image of Toran Dining Hall's Gujarati Thali | Pure Veg Gujarati Restaurants To Visit During Navratri
Source : Yatra.com

Cost for two : ₹1100

Location : Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad

Sasuji Dining Hall

Loved for its excellent service and hospitality, Sasuji serves one of the most traditional Gujarati foods. Moreover, their food has that perfect not too sweet, not too spicy blend. 

Traditional lavish platters and sasural jaisi hospitality have become their USP making them a definite must try pure veg Gujarati restaurant to try during Navratri.

Image of Sasuji Dining Hall's Gujarati Thali | Pure Veg Gujarati Restaurants To Visit During Navratri
Source : Tripadvisor

Cost for two : ₹1100

Location Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Gordan Thaal

Appropriate and engaging for all you people out there who want to enjoy the Gujarati cuisine. Have a lovely lunch or a dashing dinner at this ravishing restaurant. This restaurant is the taste of Gujarat brought to you in a brass plate served with immense love and leisure.

Image of Gordhan Thaal's Gujarati Thali | Pure Veg Gujarati Restaurants To Visit During Navratri
Source: Zomato

Cost For Two : ₹650

Location : Satellite, Ahmedabad.

Shree Mahendra Thaal

Enjoy a lovely drive on the SG Highway while you go to visit this amazing restaurant with good food and courteous staff. Here is a place, to handle a lovely get together with family and friends this Navratri and enjoy the Gujju-ness of the season.

Image of Shree Mahendra Thal's Gujarati Thali
Source : Google/Neela Mehta

Cost For Two : ₹600

Location : Thaltej, Ahmedabad


You will definitely need a huge appetite to consume this enormously huge, healthy and tasty thali filled with Gujarati delicacies. Moreover, this restaurant is a spacious place with brimming with arousing aroma of good and healthy food.

An image of Annkut's Gujarati Thali | Pure Veg Gujarati Restaurants To Visit During Navratri
Source : Google/RJ Panchal

Cost for Two : ₹750

Location : Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad

Grab your best outfits for Navratri and enjoy the essence of being in Ahmedabad and visit these pure veg restaurants serving some of the best dishes during this Navratri! Subscribe to our newsletter for more Navratri blogs.

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