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Hey there! I talk, observe and write most of the times. and when I don't do this, I read! A LOT!
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Cafes For A Date With An Individual Who Loves Coffee!

Are you going out on a date with an individual who loves coffee? A coffee buff who would not stop complaining about the quality...

Artificial Sweeteners, Its Consumption and Diabetics!

When you live with diabetes, it becomes extremely difficult to stay away from attractive desserts at the end of a fancy meal. Be it...

How Well Do You Know Your Dairy Products?

There exist hundreds of different dairy products around the world. How many of them, do you know about? Well, here is a list of...

India vs New Zealand: Hold a game night!

Are you planning to hold a game night? Let it be poker, movie or a subtle family get together, who wouldn’t want to be...

Top 5: Restaurants With Street Food On The Menu

With the start of the month, and the salary pouring in your accounts, who wouldn’t want to go to a high-end restaurant and enjoy...
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Coffee: Its Consumption and health benefits!

Coffee consumption is high in trend. Do you ever give it a thought, "what is the exact amount of caffeine content required for your...
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Yoga and food: Together forever!

Integrate a habit of adding nourishing food practices to avail the best results from yoga. Considering to follow yogic values into our kitchen, one can...
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Junk food, Its consumption and Increasing allergies in kids!

There has been a certain increase in the number of patients suffering from certain food allergies. Food allergies and the consumption of junk food...
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Biryani or pulao?

Every time a friend or an acquaintance describes a pulao and biryani as the same, my foodie-self always beams at their use of words....
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How well do you know your cheese and cheesy dishes?

What is the first thing that comes to your head, when you hear the word "cheese"? pizza? pasta? lasagna? Well, all that cravings this...