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Best Cookbooks By Well-Known Chefs

Who doesn’t love a platter full of flavourful food items? May it be for a perfect weekend lunch or a fun food party for family or friends. If you love food and are passionate about cooking then we bet, you can become a star with this list of best cookbooks by well-known chefs.

1. Everyone Can Cook
By Vikas Khanna

best cookbooks by well-known chefs| everyone can cook
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Yes, you heard it right. Everyone can cook. If you love cooking already or are a novice cook then get ready for a ride of a cookbook by a Michelin star chef. Vikas Khanna puts the significance of the canned food items/ingredients which can be used in ways never seen before. The chef compiles some of the easy-to-cook recipes by using a variety of canned ingredients. The book is full of the best culinary delights for those who wish to assemble a quick and delightful meal. It has recipes of some flavourful starters, mouth-watering vegetable delights, luscious pasta, healthy sandwich delicacies, heavenly desserts, and refreshing beverages for every occasion. Arent, you already craving some delicious food right now?

2. A Complete Italian Cookbook
By Tarla Dalal

best cookbooks by well-known chefs| a complete italian cookbook
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Life is a combination of magic and pasta! Isn’t it? If you are an admirer of Italian food then you must add this cookbook to your shelf. One of the finest Indian food writer and chef Tarla Dalal takes us on a joyride into the world of authentic Italian cooking. The volume is a collection of 87 classic and creative Italian recipes. It helps you create from classic Margherita pizza and simple starters to garlic basil ravioli and pizza pesto sandwich. It also consists of recipes of mouth-watering desserts like tiramisu. This Complete Italian Cookbook will have you rushing to your kitchen to make yourself some pasta or pizza.

3. A Chef In Every Home
By Kunal Kapoor

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If you are a person who spends more time in the kitchen, then the book is surely going to amaze you. Chef Kunal Kapoor has got a recipe for every mood and moment for us. There are recipes for every occasion starting from delicious dal makhani to bruschettas and simple hummus. He is a firm believer that everyone can cook, we just need an easy course of action for it. Therefore, he brings in this book which consists of fuss-free techniques and advice where one can transform into an amazing chef at home. This complete family cookbook is a cakewalk for those who are passionate about cooking. It also emphasis on some easy tricks that’ll lead you to a trouble-free cooking process.

4. Vicky Goes Veg
By Vicky Ratnani

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If you are a proud vegetarian then this book should definitely be a part of your bookshelf. Vicky Ratnani is one of the best Indian chefs who has curated the book: Vicky Goes Veg which takes us on a ride into a new world of vegetarian cuisine. It is an exciting book full of flavors and a colorful series of delicious food photographs. He takes us on a journey of recipes hailing from all over the world with an Indian twist in it. The chef stirs up the magic with his trips and trivia about herbs, recipes, and some of the simple ingredients. This book is spiced with some amazing delicacies like hing-roasted pumpkin, roasted red bell pepper and broccoli salad, vegetable Shepherd’s pie, and many more to demolish your hunger.

5. A Taste Of India
By Madhur Jaffrey

Amazing cookbooks| A taste of india
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A famous television personality and food and travel writer Madhur Jaffrey take us on a wonderful culinary tour with her book “A Taste Of India.” The book is interesting and engrossing with the historical context and colorful storytelling. It consists of astounding recipes, anecdotes, and juicy observations of daily life which adds a personal touch to this book. This cookbook discusses the foods and customs of the region of India. Jaffery spices up her book with the recipes for Indian dishes including green chillis, yogurt rice, stuffed okra, and ginger potatoes.

We’ve curated this guide of best cookbooks by well-known chefs for you out of love. Let us know your favorite book out of these!

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