Cooking – An Easier Way To Reduce Stress!

How long have you been under constant stress? And, you feel that you have strangling nerves, broken heart, anxiety and insomnia? Also, the thought of never recovering from the same comes to your head?Here, I bring you to a well-know yet, not so frequently in use therapy. It is going to leave you with a lot of calories to consume. However, you can always convince your better half to be the support system. Now, you may ask how? Well, they could do it by consuming it.


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Yes, Cooking is a therapy.I know, it sounds a little funny and unbelievable but, ask a person who regularly cooks. They are never under stress. On the contrary they tend to enjoy cooking as well as every bits of it, to the fullest.Stress is something that numbs your senses. And when we compare something like that with cooking, one must know that cooking helps to ensure the growth of your creative side. Thus, while one stops your senses, the other one focuses on making you feel those. Be it aroma, touch or that prickling sound of mustard and curry leaves.Also, sometimes when you plan to cook for your loved ones, it gives you immense pleasure to nurture another being. It makes you feel responsible for someone you care about and their well being.

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Where everything else that assumes itself to reduce stress, cooking is something that is actually gets the work done. It is not difficult as people make it sound. A bowl of simple fried rice could indeed help you realize the talent you behold in the kitchen.Call it a modern-day miracle or a pearl of old age wisdom, cooking soothes you while you have had a hectic day or an anxious moment.Tell, me what is your take on the stress reduction ?

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