Remember those endless discussions on where to go when you’re planning to go out with your friends? We understand that frustration and that’s why we thought you’d like something to end that on this friendship day! Yes, we’ve brought a one stop solution to find the best hangout places in Ahmedabad. Friendship Day is here lovelies. So, what are you waiting for? We’ve listed some of the best hangout places in Ahmedabad to visit with your buddies!

1. Zen Cafe

Located adjacent to CEPT University, Zen Cafe is a perfect place to hang out for anybody who loves the fusion of art and culture. Due to its unique open seating arrangements and attractions like ‘Ahmedabad ni Gufa’ (The cave of Ahmedabad),  it’s quite popular among the youth.

Hangout Places In Ahmedabad| Zen Cafe
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2. The Dark Roast

With a right blend of radiant and bright ambience, The Dark Roast serves great flavours of coffees and unique type of sandwiches with a perfect mix of healthy veggies and a great taste. So if you’re looking for a place to have delicious snacks with your friends then we bet that The Dark Roast will not leave you unsatisfied.

Hangout Places In Ahmedabad| The Dark Roast Cafe
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3. Mocha

No matter how long the wait is, our love for this place does not allow us to go anywhere else! Mocha offers such an experience that leaves us to suspend our reality for a few moments and have a mini vacation of hours or so.

Hangout Places In Ahmedabad| Mocha
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Plus the good news for all the Mocha lovers is that it’s another branch has been opened on C.G road recently! Can’t wait to visit this, right?

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Hangout Places| Mocha
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4. The Project Cafe

With the use of bright colours like yellow and blue, The Project Cafe might have stolen your glance on Polytechnic Road. But the interior and home-like seating arrangement will make you feel comfortable and make those conversations with your loved ones endless.

Hangout Places| The Project Cafe
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5. Cafe De Italiano

With a huge range of freakshakes and shakes, this place offers a variety of sections to have a seat and spend some quality time with your friends. From casual cafe seats to swings and casual sitting area where one easily chill and enjoy good food!

Hangout Places| Cafe De Italiano

Share this with your friends with whom you want to visit these hang out places in Ahmedabad and make this friendship day most memorable!

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