With just two weeks to Navratri, have you started preparing for it? I know, Navratri preps include the outfits, jewelry, makeup, and all stuff. But another important thing for most of the girls is to look slim and fit. And how to do that? Okay, so first let me tell you something about smoothie! I’m pretty sure, you all would be knowing what it is. But to give you a brief, it is a thick, creamy beverage made of raw fruits, vegetables and sometimes dairy products. So here are some quick and easy recipes of healthy smoothies which could be made with the help of the things easily available in your kitchen! After all, it’s all about looking slim and dancing gracefully during Navratri!

2Red Detox Smoothie:

Healthy Smoothies | Red Detox Smoothie
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Everybody wants healthy skin and good blood circulation, but cannot eat those veggies and fruits raw. So, a smoothie is a great solution that includes beetroot, strawberry, apple, orange, etc. You can also add honey to make it sweet.

You can get its recipe on- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osURHCVy9oE&t=4s