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Mighty Midas – A Gift For Dessert Lovers By Huber And Holly

An Eden for all the ice cream fanatics in the city, Huber and Holly is a concept store by Havmor. It explores the boundaries of what more an ice cream can be, in the most delicious fashion. Well renowned for innovation and creativity, they are ready to launch their most ambitious creation – Mighty Midas.Talked to be India’s most expensive ice cream dessert, this captivating ice cream is promised to stir a revolution in the dessert world.  The Mighty Midas will be first launched in Ahmedabad on 17th October 2017, is priced at INR 1000. The ice cream will be decorated with pure 24-carat gold flakes, hence making its ludicrousness glitter even more beautifully.

Mighty Midas- By Huber and Holly

Mighty Midas contains all your favourite lip-smacking choices in one single cone. Drool-worthy from the very first glance, it is an epitome of heavenly pleasures. The alluring ice cream is made using some of the most exotic ingredients, that are hard to find elsewhere. Fresh Gooey Brownie, Caramelized Almonds, Nutty Praline, Rocher Balls, Hot Fudge, Belgian Dark Chocolate Ice Cream and Hazelnut Chocolate are among the key elements used in this creation. Toppings of this unique offering include a Swirl of Gold-dusted Chocolate Ice Cream, a Raspberry Rose Sorbet Macaroon, Pipette of Passion Fruit, Caramel Chocolate Bar, and finally garnished with 24-carat Gold Leaf Flakes.

Served in a chocolate layered cone covered with gold sprinkles, it is not merely an ice cream but a complete heart-warming dessert. This sweet delicacy is worth every penny spent. Each ingredient used in the making is made fresh and in house through artisanal processes. Thus, the gratifying presentation and mouthwatering flavours make the dessert even more special to relish. With the Mighty Midas, Huber and Holly aim to appease the yearning of gourmet dessert lovers.

So, make sure to try the exquisite Mighty Midas ice cream if you crave delightful surprises. Experience rich blend of happiness in a single serve and take your love for ice creams to another level.

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